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Developmental Drill: Redback One Pistol Shooting Standards

Developed in 2011 by instructors at Redback One the Pistol Shooting Standards (PSS) was designed to be used as a 5-Stage diagnostic self-test for students before classes, then again at the end […]

Developmental Drill: Bill Drill

A multi-use drill, the Bill Drill forces you to reconcile the differences in distance, with throttle control and body mechanics. Done correctly, the Bill Drill is a good diagnostic exercise that done […]

Developmental Drill: The “Eye” Exam

Similar to the Consistency Drills offered by Guerrilla Approach, its “Eye” Exam Drill will test your ability to focus on grip, sight picture, and transitions. Shot in alternating top-and-bottom rows, from left […]

Developmental Drills: 3-7s Drill by Tier 1

Developed by Tier 1 Concealed as the first in their Teir 1 Concealed Standards¬†(T1CS) series, the 3-7s Drill forces you to balance accuracy, speed, transitions, and throttle control. It is recommended shooters […]

Developmental Drill: Baer Solutions (Pistol & Carbine)

Baer Solutions is a direct firearms instructional group and consulting firm owned and operated by former SOF member Drew Estell. Based in Clarksville, Tenessee it is unlikely we will ever see Baer […]

Developmental Drill: Dot Torture by David Blinder

Originally developed by David Blinder at Personal Defense Training, this drill requires 50 rounds fired at a series of dots intending to stress various aspects of pistol fundamentals. The drill is intended […]

Developmental Drill: Consistency Drills (Pistol & Carbine)

Occasionally you run across stuff on the internet that is genuinely intended to help you improve. Guerrilla Approach, a former SOF member, weapons trainer and now advisor posted a series of free-to-share […]

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