Developmental Drill: Dot Torture by David Blinder

Originally developed by David Blinder at Personal Defense Training, this drill requires 50 rounds fired at a series of dots intending to stress various aspects of pistol fundamentals. The drill is intended to be done from the holster, but if your range doesn’t allow you do so then begin with your weapon on the bench/table.

Dot Torture Drill: dot-torture-target

  1. Dot 1: Draw and fire one string of 5 rounds for best group. One hole if possible, total 5 rounds.
  2. Dot 2: Draw and fire 1 shot, holster. Repeat four more times, total 5 rounds.
  3. Dot 3-4: Draw and fire 1 shot on #3, then 1 shot on 4, holster and repeat 4x, total 8 rounds.
  4. Dot 5: Draw and fire string of 5 rounds, strong hand only, total 5 rounds.
  5. Dot 6-7: Draw and fire 2 shots on #6, then 2 on #7, holster, repeat 4x, total 16 rounds.
  6. Dot 8: From ready or retention, fire five shots, weak hand only, total 5 rounds.
  7. Dot 9-10: Draw and fire 1 shots on #9, speed reload, fire 1 shots on #10, holster and repeat 3x, total 6 rounds.

Be sure to print off your sheet and record you’re time/score.

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