Developmental Drill: Baer Solutions (Pistol & Carbine)

Baer Solutions is a direct firearms instructional group and consulting firm owned and operated by former SOF member Drew Estell. Based in Clarksville, Tenessee it is unlikely we will ever see Baer Solutions provide direct training here in the Mid-West, but it has made a number of developmental drills available online that they often incorperate into their own coursework. All files are free-to-share with instructions on the target, and you are incouraged to post results online.

Standards Target:

The standards target was created to gauge your performance first thing in your training and at the end. We don’t get to warm up in real life so this is shot cold, meaning no warm up. Suggested distance is 5 meters. As with anything, once you have gotten good at it go ahead and move back to 7 or even 10 if you can. If you miss, you fail, so be accountable for your rounds. 9 seconds or faster is passing. Ensure progress in your training. Getting complacent or comfortable keeps us stagnant, always strive to get better.

Baer Solutions Standards Target: BAER+Standards

Warm Up:

This target was designed to provide a plan for your warmup drills with 150 rds for your pistol, but can be used with rifle too with some modification. This target is a good way to ensure you are hitting as much of the different facets of your training as possible. By doing the drill in order, you will progress from slow aim fire to weapon manipulation to cadence and throttle control.

Baer Solutions Warm Up Target: Updated+Warm+up+target

Cadence Targets:

Cadence and rhythm are specific drills that many of the best shooters practice to improve their sight tracking through their shot string. You need to be able to track the sites on a single target and multiple ones.

The Cadence Drill is designed to develop and test intermediate pistol fundamentals. Once you’ve established some mastery of the fundamentals of grip, sight picture, and trigger squeeze on a single target, the next step in the progression is to put those fundamentals in action. The cadence drill is one effective way to start to build practical fundamentals.

Baer Solutions Cadence Target: Haselhuhn_Cadence+Drill+Packet+for+BAER

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