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Review Posted: S&S Precision V-Lite: A Little Light for the Dark

Initially introduced in 2013, the V-Lite by S&S Precision has been an industry mainstay for helmet marking lights, due in large part to its effective design and programmable light output.

Product Review: Bronc Box 52: Maximum Protection for High Dollar Items

Initially introduced by Signature 4 in 2017, the Bronc Box line of products was first intended to provide safety to compound bows for archery hunters. That design has undergone three generational evolutions since then to bring a modest 38, and the larger 52 field case to market. 

Product Review: Lunar Concepts ‘HotPocket’: Tame the Heat

Initially introduced by Lunar Concepts in 2020, the HotPocket is an accessory item carried on by Wisemen Company for those running minimum-sized rails or running continual lengths of fire whereby heat becomes a performance issue.

Review Posted: MKM Ultra Low-Profile Billet Scope Level: Maintaining Balance

Sometimes the smallest tools can make the biggest differences, and while mounting a scope is straight forward—getting it done correctly can be a bit of a challenge. Enter the Xtreme Low-Profile (XLP) Billet Scope Level by MK Machining (MKM).

Review Posted: MKM Ultralight Utility Compact Grip: Best For the Shorties

Designed as a grip for daily duty or shorter barreled rifles, the Ultralight Utility Compact Grip (ULCG) by MKMachining gives the individual a more ergonomic angle, anti-slip texture, and a utility storage compartment over other aftermarket grip alternatives.

Review Posted: MKM Vertical Crossover Grip: Adding Control and Comfort

Intended as a grip for use in precision shooting or daily duty, the Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG) by MKMachining offers an ergonomic angle, large surface area, and an anti-slip texture that provides the end-user added accuracy and performance over extended periods.

Review Posted: LeonWorx QD-NVL (V2): Securing Your Investment

Blending innovative technology and design with traditional tactical function, the QD-NVL (V2) by LeonWorx Solutions is a retention system for night vision devices that provides a solid lock and safety to otherwise very valuable sensitive items.

Review Posted: BlackbeardX Auto-Resetting Trigger System with Analytic and Smart Feedback

Released in mid-2022, the BlackbeardX Auto-Resetting Trigger System with Analytic and Smart Feedback finally bridges the diagnostic sensor collection from its Elite training aid, with the auto-resetting function of its original Blackbeard AR bolt carrier. 

Review Posted: Pelican 1720 Protector Case: For Professional Coverage

Intended to support the needs of the military, the 1720 Protector Case is one of several hard cases by Pelican that provides reliable storage and protection to firearms, sensitive items, or other operational accessories.

Review Posted: Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10×24 FFP: Short LVPO with Big Eyesight

Released in 2020, the Razor HD Gen III 1-10×24 FFP from Vortex is one of several in the company’s Razor HD optical line intending to increase the amount of useable light through the optic, even in low-light settings.

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