The following training events or vendors offer either unique high-quality training opportunities, or those who support their communities.

2 Alpha Training Group at Gadsden Shooting CenterTraining Events

  • No 2022 Events listed to date

Cause & Effect Tactical Solutions –

  • No 2022 Events listed to date

Green Hat Shooting Solutions

  • Offering a variety of direct or group instruction on pistol, carbine, or long-range firearms application. It’s training schedule is available at:

GoRuck Fire Arms Day (FAD) at Top Gun Sportsman Club

  • A select number of GoRuck events have been identified for 2022 to include memorial events, tactical, and emergency response. You can find their schedule on our GoRuck page or go to

The Range Saint Louis West

  • A large array of training opportunities, far more than I could list here, that offers an individual entry-level skills into shooting and personal improvements. Find their listed training events and schedule at:

Xtreme Krav Maga & Tactical Defense Saint Louis

  • Offering unique training opportunities throughout the year for both physical and tactical develoopment, Xtreme Krav Maga has an array classroom and individual instruction. For performance training contact them directly, or for tactical defensive training schedules go to:

Page last updated 22 January 2022