Developmental Drill: Redback One Pistol Shooting Standards

226241_223552374321710_393510_nDeveloped in 2011 by instructors at Redback One the Pistol Shooting Standards (PSS) was designed to be used as a 5-Stage diagnostic self-test for students before classes, then again at the end to demonstrate improvement or applied lessons. Students are required to perform the PSS using a modified IDPA target and attain a 80% Go/No-Go prior to starting its advanced coursework. As an alternative for your use, a 6″ (head/pelvis zone) and 8″ (chest zone) paper plate or bullseye type target can also be used.

  • All Stages are shot from the holster.
  • Each round is scored as 1 point.
  • Each round outside the target zone is 0 points.
  • Each round after the time limit is 0 points.

Stage 1: (1×10-round magazine, 1×1-round magazine)

  • Distance: 7m
  • 1 round to chest (~ 2.0 seconds), 2 round string to chest (~ 2.5 seconds), 6 round string to chest (~5.0 seconds)
  • Perform reload, 1 rounds to the chest (~ 5.0 seconds)

Stage 2: (2×10-round magazines)

  • Distance: 7m
  • 10 rounds to chest, reload, 10 rounds to chest (~ 17.0 seconds)

Stage 3: (3×5-round magazines)

  • Distance 10m
  • 5 round string to the head, reload, 5 round string to the chest, reload, 5 round string to the pelvis (~16.0 seconds)

Stage 4: (1×13-round magazine)

  • Distance: 20m
  • 5 round string to the chest standing (~10.0 seconds), 3 round string kneeling (~6.0 seconds), 5 rounds to the chest standing (~12.0 seconds)

Stage 5: (1×10-round magazine, 1×6-round magazines)

  • Distance 25m
  • 2 rounds to the chest strong side, 2 rounds weak side (~12.0 seconds), 6 rounds to the chest strong side, reload, 6 rounds to the chest weak side (~25.0 seconds)

Total Points Possible: 75

Passing Score: 60