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Developmental Drill: The Mozambique Drill

Also known as the “Failure Drill” or “Failure to Stop Drill”, the Mozambique Drill is intended as a close-quarters reflex handgun drill. The Mozambique Drill brings together low-round count that challenges a […]

Developmental Drill: The Eleanor Standard

Developed by Sage Dynamics, the Eleanor Drill is intended to push shooters (specifically those using RDS-enabled firearms) to recognize impact of height-over-bore at varying distances. The drill utilizes a low-round count so […]

Developmental Drill: Runenation Cold Start Drill

The “Runeation Cold Start Drill” is an assessment drill developed by Rune Nation LLC. It is performed prior to beginning any live-fire training, and gives the shooter a means to assess how […]

Developmental Drill: RE Factor Pistol Patch Challenge

Not to be outdone by the gents over at Tier 1 with their 3-7s Drill, the minds at RE Factor released in 2018 a pistol challenge they are highlighting again. One intended […]

Review Posted: RE Factor’s Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck & IQ Targets: Building a Thinking Shooter

Bringing a level of innovation and practicality to the everyday run at the range, the Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck by RE Factor is intended to challenge both the novice and professional […]

Training Opportunity

On October 5th & 6th, 2 Alpha Training Group will be visiting the Gadsden Shooting Center to conduct a Pistol 1/Rifle 1 training course. The event has been added to our RSS […]

Cause & Effect Training Opportunity

Another round of professional-level training is coming to Saint Louis, MO. Cause & Effect Tactical Solutions USA (CETSUSA) will be delivering Pistol I & Dynamic Rifle on August 24th. Slots still remain […]

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