Developmental Drill: The Mozambique Drill

silhouette-targets-pdf-targetsilhouetteAlso known as the “Failure Drill” or “Failure to Stop Drill”, the Mozambique Drill is intended as a close-quarters reflex handgun drill. The Mozambique Drill brings together low-round count that challenges a shooter’s speed, accuracy, and fundamentals. Rumored to have begun with Rhodesian mercenary Mike Rousseau and adopted into coursework at Gunsight Academy, the Mozambique Drill is intended to drop an advancing threat immediately.


  • 1x USPSA Silhouette Target:
    • Alternatively use any “body type” targets that denote center mass/head zones, anatomy, or simply paper plates with a 2.5″ circle and a 5″ circle.
  • Firing Line: 5 yard line – the premise of this drill is to emphasize a close quarters environment
  • Ammo: One magazine loaded with 3x rounds
  • Start Position:
    • For beginners, start position can be pistol drawn and at the low ready.
    • Advanced shooters must begin with the pistol in the holster.


Course of Fire:

  • At the command (or beep if using a shot timer) the shooter will engage the target with the first two rounds to the larger, center-mass chest target (or A Zone is using silhouette type target), and then immediately transition to the smaller, harder to hit, head target (also an A Zone).
  • Time for Record:
    • Level 1: 2.0 seconds or less
    • Level 2: 2.10 – 4.99 seconds
    • Level 3: 5 seconds or more
  • Penalties:
    • If using a USPSA or similar type target w/shot timer – 1 second for each round outside of the A Zone.

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