The COVID Chronicles

While those of us at Saint Louis Shooting Enthusiasts are not ones to rest on our backside, the recent COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us into self-quarantine measures. Complicating matters was many gun ranges were closed so for us, thus product T&E was challenged. The solution was to come up with a series of editorials that could be of benefit to readers who have similar resources or interests for their own consideration while we are all isolated. Thus, the COVID Chronicles were born.

The following series of publications are meant to augment our initial What Goes Into a Product series that delved into the finer elements of gear and manufacturing. Here in the COVID Chronicles, we will delve into the customization of Pelican cases, and then cover the base elements to plate carriers.

The series is as follows (links will be updated as they are published):

  1. Pelican Case Customization Project: Packing All the Essentials
  2. Features of a Plate Carrier
  3. Types of Plate Carriers
  4. Proper Wear and Appearance of a Plate Carrier
  5. Setup Recommendations for a Plate Carrier & Range Belt


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