Features of a Plate Carrier: Starting With The Basics

This is the second in a series of publications entitled “The COVID Chronicles“, and the first of several writings with the intent to grow the reader’s awareness on the topic of plate carriers; their features, designs, and materials.


While designs and materials differ, generally speaking, the elements of a plate carrier are somewhat universal. Its designs may include skeletonized or minimalist approaches, to full-on and enclosing coverage based on the plate carrier’s intended purpose and/or mission. Careful attention should be paid to ensure the features of a plate carrier address your goals.


T3 Patriot Plate Carrier (Front)


T3 Patriot Plate Carrier (Rear)

Other aspects of the plate carrier that are important include the hardware, thread and webbing type, and methods of reinforcement (such as bartack, Box, or X-Pattern type stitching). The presence (or lack thereof) can effect price of the overall product as each represents an investment in cost to include into the overall design.


The plate carrier segment of the “COVID Chronicles” is sponsored by T3 Gear who offers a number of plate carriers, chest rigs, and other tactical accesories – all made in the USA.

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