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Developmental Drill: 1 Through 5 VTAC Drill

Developed by former Special Operations member and VTAC cadre Kyle Lamb, the “1 Through 5 Drill” is intended to push a shooter’s ability to rapidly engage targets, transitions, and basic fundamentals. While […]

Developmental Drill: RE Factor Pistol Patch Challenge

Not to be outdone by the gents over at Tier 1 with their 3-7s Drill, the minds at RE Factor released in 2018 a pistol challenge they are highlighting again. One intended […]

Cause & Effect Training Opportunity

Another round of professional-level training is coming to Saint Louis, MO. Cause & Effect Tactical Solutions USA (CETSUSA) will be delivering Pistol I & Dynamic Rifle on August 24th. Slots still remain […]

Developmental Drill: RE Factor Series 2

This month’s 2 of 3 Developmental Drills comes from the good folks over at RE Factor. Back in 2016 they posted several drills that aid in target acquisition, weapon manipulation and transition, […]

Developmental Drill: The NSS

Back in its heyday, an oft-group out of Las Vegas, Nevada known as the Zombie Eradication Response Team (ZERT) used the term “zombie” as a metaphor for preparedness and drew members worldwide. […]

Developmental Drill: Redback One Pistol Shooting Standards

Developed in 2011 by instructors at Redback One the Pistol Shooting Standards (PSS) was designed to be used as a 5-Stage diagnostic self-test for students before classes, then again at the end […]

Review Posted: Haley Strategic: D3CRX – Mission Driven Function

Introduced in late 2016, the Disruptive Environments Chest Rig “X” is an evolution in the previous D3CR design, but offers the continued adaptability and multi-mission driven-design that put Haley Strategic on the […]

Review Posted: Spectre Holsters, LLC

Local Saint Louis holster manufacturer Spectre Holsters, LLC has been in operation since 2015, and recently acquired by Americas Armory, Inc. in 2018 to offer an expanded variety of standard and custom […]

Developmental Drill: Bill Drill

A multi-use drill, the Bill Drill forces you to reconcile the differences in distance, with throttle control and body mechanics. Done correctly, the Bill Drill is a good diagnostic exercise that done […]

Developmental Drill: The “Eye” Exam

Similar to the Consistency Drills offered by Guerrilla Approach, its “Eye” Exam Drill will test your ability to focus on grip, sight picture, and transitions. Shot in alternating top-and-bottom rows, from left […]

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