Developmental Drill: RE Factor Pistol Patch Challenge

Not to be outdone by the gents over at Tier 1 with their 3-7s Drill, the minds at RE Factor released in 2018 a pistol challenge they are highlighting again. One intended to push the most experienced shooter through speed, transitions, and weapons control. Dubbed “The Kill Card Challenge” the goal is rather straightforward; using RE Factor’s “Essentials Target,” score seven hits in seven seconds, and earn yourself a unique, custom patch symbolizing your accomplishment. To date, RE Factor maintains only approximately 40 individuals have completed the drill successfully.


  • Proof of Distance (use a measuring tape)
    • Distance: 5 yards
  • Proof of Time (use a shot timer)
  • Proof of Hits (video of targets before and after)

Course of Fire using an Essentials Target:

  • Start Position: Facing downrange, weapon holstered, weapon loaded with two rounds and ready. Shooter will have two magazines holstered; one with four rounds, another with two.
  • At buzzer shooter will:
    • Draw and fire two rounds into Target #1
    • Reload
    • Fire four rounds into Rectangle #7
    • Reload
    • Fire two rounds into Rectangle #12

Any shot that breaks the line counts as a hit.

Complete the drill in seven seconds, with no misses, and earn yourself a free exclusive patch.

For a demo:

For full details:

Good luck!

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