Developmental Drill: 1 Through 5 VTAC Drill

Developed by former Special Operations member and VTAC cadre Kyle Lamb, the “1 Through 5 Drill” is intended to push a shooter’s ability to rapidly engage targets, transitions, and basic fundamentals. While the drill is rather straightforward, completing it accurately and quickly is not.


  • 3x USPSA Silhouette Targets (alternatively you can use any “body type” targets that denote center mass/head zones)
    • Spacing: Two meter separation between targets
  • Firing Line: 5 yard line – the premise of this drill is to emphasize a close quarters environment
  • Ammo: One magazine loaded with 15x rounds
  • Start Position: Low Ready (rifle is shouldered but muzzle should be pointed at the feet or base of the target)

Course of Fire:

  • At the command (or beep if using a shot timer) the shooter will engage  targets right to left, then left to right in the following sequence:
    • T1: 1 round
    • T2: 2 rounds
    • T3: 3 rounds
    • T2: 4 rounds
    • T1: 5 rounds
  • Time for Record:
    • Level 1: 2.87 seconds or less (this was Lamb’s time doing the drill)
    • Level 2: 2.88 – 3.5 seconds
    • Level 3: 3.6 – 4.5 seconds
  • Penalties:
    • If using a USPSA or similar type target w/shot timer – 1 second for each round outside of the A Zone.

Alternatives for this drill include running it with a handgun, but in doing so add 2.5 seconds to the time to account for drawing from the holster, sight picture, and recoil.

If you get to a point where you are comfortable running the drill, back up 5 yards and repeat.

The purpose of this drill is mainly to push shooters out of the self-imposed (and sometimes range rules reinforcement) single or double-tap limitation. The habit being that shooters seldom practice shooting beyond two-round taps on a target, thus they lack the experience in driving beyond that round count and its effect on the shooter/gun.

Good luck!

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