The Beginner’s Gear Guide

While the market for tactical gear has been around for some time, new people are continually picking up the topic all the time. As such, the same beginner-level questions are always being raised—and conversation typically revolved around topics that may seem a little confusing to the beginner. The following is a two-part series aimed at providing some basic level of industry knowledge to those asking the same question:

  • What kind of gear is there?
  • Why is the color of gear important?
  • What do they mean by a gear’s “line”?
  • How does body armor play a role?
  • How should I spend my focus on what gear?

These questions are addressed in the following:

A Gear Guide: Part 1 – Understanding the Common Gear Types

A Gear Guide: Part 2 – What Do the “Lines” Mean?

“A Gear Guide” is intended as an informative series and a continuation on other useful articles that include explanations to body armorplate carriers, and common hardware to tactical gear. This series is not intended by High Ground Media to sway or convince the reader that one specific brand of gear is superior to all the others. In the end, this series is intended to provide the reader with a condensed and focused resource—nothing more.

All images and photos not taken by High Ground Media are taken using Google’s image search tool via specific keyword text, and under the “Fair Use” policy. Where applicable, image source citation will be provided. High Ground Media does not own the rights to any image or photo it does not take on its own.

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