What Goes Into a Product?

Throughout April we will be featuring a series of articles that examine some of the more commonly found elements to shooting gear; cordura, kydex, and hardware. The goal will be to better inform you, the consumer, about what goes into these elements and how they fit within today’s market. This will help the buyer consider what makes quality gear, and if it is worth the investment. While the intent of the series is to be informative, it is in no ways conclusive. If you have other elements you would like us at STL Shooting Enthusiasts to examine, feel free to add them to the Comments section.

  1. Nylon: What Goes Into a Product
  2. Kydex: What Goes Into a Product
  3. Hardware: What Goes Into a Product

As is often the saying “Pay Once, Cry Once” becasue the alternative means to buy the same low-quality gear over and over.

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