Till Valhalla: Annual Silkies Ruck for the Fallen

The 2019 date for the Till Valhalla ruck march has been announced! On May 18th at 0900, an oft assortment of people from around Saint Louis and beyond will come together to support the fallen and donate money to support post-service assistance programs like the US Veterans Foundation.

This will be my fourth Silkie Ruck March with Tactical Sh*t. Over the years it has been a great event (although a little more family friendly each proceeding year). The 3-5 mile route is pretty simple and we move as a group, often under a police escort who are volunteering their time to ensure our safety along the road. Everyone from the super-motivated (in full combat kit), to the family of four pushing strollers attends the march to honor our fallen service men and women. The ruck does eventually turn into a pub crawl about 2/3 of the way through, but folks can opt to drive on and complete the course on their own. Once the main party (eventually) reaches the SP back at the TS store, the Silkies Bash commences and lasts well into the evening (circa 1900). The Silkies Bash includes a live band, raffle, and good BBQ.

What You’ll Need:

Silkies or an acceptable athletic short to prevent chafe, water, plates and carriers (for the super motivated), rucks (if desired) good walking shoes or boots, flags (unit, branch of service, or U.S flags), sun tan lotion, cash and I.D (if so inclined as to drink).

Per Tactical Sh*t the Rules/Request Are:

  • Please during the ruck, keep drunkenness to a minimum, or at least controlled. There were a few small issues, and we want to represent not only the veteran community, but the honoring of our fallen in a respectful manner as well.
  • No weapons or open carry.
  • Be respectful, there will be family members of the fallen at this event, and don’t forget the reason we are all here.
  • HAVE FUN!!! This is to remember, honor, and celebrate the lives of our fallen warriors.


  • Registration starting at 0830 as well as briefing for safety vehicles.
  • 0915-0930 Introductions/speeches.
  • 0945 Staging.
  • 1000 Step-off.

As the event nears, more details and planning will be discussed on the Tactical Sh*t’s main Facebook page for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1285160768301938/

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