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Today I attended the annual Sig Days at the Range Saint Louis West, where I was able to finally put hands-on all of Sig Sauer’s product line (or at least most of it). And while as a devout Sig fan and owner to a base 226R, I had to walk away without any purchases – but being able to see the new P320 X-Series, various P220/226/229 Legions, P320-M17 and the variety of optics was enough to make me swoon. Hopefully someday (after winning the lotto) I could get some of these for more in-depth product reviews, but for now here are my initial impressions:

P320 X-Five (Coyote): This was the reason I came in. I really want one fo these bad boys. The feel and design of it is top-tier, and it is a full-sized gun meant for competition. The angle of the grip and tang hold your hand and thumb perfectly in position, and the modular weight is very noticeable. I like that the 320 X-Series comes optic ready, but I don’t like that to do so means sacrificing space for a backup rear iron sight. Most handguns that integrate optics and irons, are more EDC-friendly because if the optic goes down (for any number of reasons) then you can revert back to your irons. I loved the integrated magwell and it gives you a nice funnel for reloads. Not too sold on the lighting cuts, but without firing it I couldn’t say if they are effective or not.

P320 X-Five Compact (Coyote): Very much the smaller variant to the full-sized X-Five, but with a few less lighting cuts and a bit less in weight. This gun also comes optic ready, but again at the expense of your rear iron sight.


P220/226/229 Legion: Owning a base model P226R, handling these makes it clear the changes between the various models. I had to modify my 226R with a lower-profile slide lock because my thumb kept (and still does at times) rest on it enough to cause the slide to not lock out on the last round. But several of these had the external safety selector and when I held these it gave my thumb the perfect resting shelf, up and away from the slide lock. This was a nice alternative to the Sig line and if I could I’d get something with that option.

P320-M17: The “chosen” gun. The variant of the P320 that was selected by the Department fo Defense to replace its aging M9 sidearm, the M17 was selected for its modularity and cost. Personally, being former Army, this is a bit of a hard sell to me. I liked how it felt, but at the same time it felt too bulky. The mag and an extended baseplate that causes it to project pretty far out and it’s hard for me to imaging the Airborne and Air Assault guys doing their thing in this configuration. I would love to test this out more, but there are some features I’m not entirely sold on based on my overseas experience.

Romeo 4: This was a nice optic. I’m currently testing through my Romeo 5, but the reticule to the 4 is more a crosshairs/dot projection, rather than a simple dot. Both have about the same profile lines, if the 5 is a bit bulkier (but not by much). A lot of LEO Departments have picked up the 4 as their duty-optic to the carbines and I can see why. It’s almost an EOTech-like reticle that is bright. Again, would love to put this in a head-to-head against my 5, but they would both be excellent choices.


Photo Courtesy of Range STL West

Romeo 1 w/Shroud: This one I wasn’t entirely sold on. I have a Trijicon RMR on my P226R and the differences are rather stark. But so is the price between the two. The Romeo 1 has faced a little criticism since being first introduced circa 2016, and this is why I wanted to look at it. While its debatable about why now Sig is offering the steel shroud, fact is the two go well together, and the added protection will likely improve the durability. While I couldn’t speak to the coating issues or glass, Sig has maintained they have addressed those issues since the optic was first rolled out. Again something I would love to test out further someday.

Ultimately, big thanks goes out to the Sig rep there (never did get his name he was so busy), and the folks out at Range West. This was a great opportunity to get my hands on some very choice stuff I’ll likely never be able to afford! My son and I had a great time visiting and looking through all the displays.


My P226R Baby


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