Developmental Drill: 5 x 5 Drill by Bill Wilson

Developed by Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat, the 5 x 5 Drill is intended to test your speed and accuracy against an established time ranking. While the 10 yard drill calls for an IDPA-style silhouette target with two A-Zones, you can use a standard paper plate and a 3 x 5 index card as a substitute.

Intended for a service pistol chambered in 9mm or larger with a conceal carry holster, the 5 x 5 Drill follows the Vickers scoring metric of a half-second penalty per shot missed.


The 5 x 5 Drill consists of four stages done in sequence:

  1. Draw and fire 5 shots freestyle.
  2. Draw and fire 5 shots Strong Hand Only.
  3. Draw and fire 5 shots freestyle, reload from slidelock and fire 5 more shots freestyle.
  4. Draw and fire 4 shots to the body and 1 shot to the head freestyle.

Per Bill Wilson, the scoring metric is as follows:

Grand Master: 15 seconds or less
Master: 20 seconds or less
Expert: 25 seconds or less
Sharpshooter: 32 seconds or less
Marksman: 41 seconds or less
Novice: 50 seconds or less
Not proficient enough to carry a handgun: Over 50 seconds

Good luck!

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