Month: April 2019

Hardware: What Goes Into a Product

As important as the materials are in your gear, the hardware—often overlooked, can be as important. Without quality hardware (buttons, zippers, clips, and buckles, etc.) gear will fail just as easily as […]

Review Posted: Spectre Holsters, LLC

Local Saint Louis holster manufacturer Spectre Holsters, LLC has been in operation since 2015, and recently acquired by Americas Armory, Inc. in 2018 to offer an expanded variety of standard and custom […]

Developmental Drill: Bill Drill

A multi-use drill, the Bill Drill forces you to reconcile the differences in distance, with throttle control and body mechanics. Done correctly, the Bill Drill is a good diagnostic exercise that done […]

Kydex: What Goes Into a Product

Kydex holsters have become a mainstay in today’s shooting sports. Everything from competition gear, tactical equipment, and accessories are now made from the molded material. It’s flexibility in colors, prints, and shapes […]

Review Posted: Propper EdgeTec “Slick” Pants: Tactical On a Budget

Introduced in 2019 at SHOT Show, the EdgeTec clothing line by Propper Apparel is designed for professional and civilian use, and offers weather resistance and comfort in a low-cost option…more>>>

Developmental Drill: The “Eye” Exam

Similar to the Consistency Drills offered by Guerrilla Approach, its “Eye” Exam Drill will test your ability to focus on grip, sight picture, and transitions. Shot in alternating top-and-bottom rows, from left […]

Review Posted: CED7000 Shot Timer – The Right Tool for the Right Job

Regardless if your preference is in the competition shooting sports, tactical, or defense—the use of an electronic timing device is as important as the ammo that feeds the gun, or batteries that […]

Bloomington IDPA Classifier

On April 20th, the Bloomington IDPA league will be having an IDPA and PCC Classifier at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex at 9am. This is a remake of the previously scheduled […]

Rise Armament 2-Gun Series Posted

Although not formally announced, the Rise Armament 2-Gun tournament has been posted to Practiscore. This is the third time the tournament has come to Saint Louis and is hosted at The Range […]

Nylon: What Goes Into a Product

A lot of people will buy gear without realizing or questioning the quality of the product they’re getting. And in a market saturated with retailers offering a variety material, it can be […]