True North ‘The Racker’: Spare the Finish and Rack the Slide

Introduced by True North Concepts as a supportive accessory to handgun manipulation, “The Racker” is intended to support end-users with a hardened point on which to manipulate a handgun.

Made from a proprietary blend of polymer selected for its rigidity and non-marring surface, The Racker is a 3.25” tall, singular-point belt accessory that provides a fixed point on which end-users can action a handgun slide or manipulate a magazine when one-arm manipulation is the only option.

The Racker is similar to the Modular Holster Adapter in that it has a mounting bar that can be threaded through most popular MOLLE/PALS webbing style belts, or mounted directly across any gun belt (up to 2.25” wide).

The Racker is available in Black (featured) or Earth Brown.  

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Average (3/5): With its list price of $29.99, The Racker was a minimalist support accessory for use in assisting one-hand actioning of the handgun (be it from injury or necessity). Made from a non-marring polymer blend, The Racker enabled the end-user to use something other than the holster itself, which can result in damage or marring of surfaces. The Racker has the unique place in that it does not have a market alternative, so there is no measure to evaluate cost—but given that similar True North products of similar materials and size are of approximate (average) cost, this would validate that for tis price The Racer is also appropriate for a small belt accessory.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, The Racker was of an approximate size to the standard range belt and not excessively bulky. The profile was neither obtrusive or heavy enough to sag on the belt line. When using The Racker, it retained enough good rigidity to effectively action the handgun slide.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The durability of The Racker owed itself to the polymer blend of the product whereby it was of similar durability as other market products—such as polymer magazines, pistol grips, etc. This made The Racker very durable to the hard contact edges of the handgun, while still remaining a non-marring surface. Drop testing of the product onto hardened concrete only yielded surface blemishes and without any movable or connected parts, The Racker was unphased. It is possible that should, over the course of time and use, The Racker’s edge is lost as a contact surface but it can be easily shaved down to re-establish that contact point.
  • Functionality – Average (3/5): Functionally, The Racker is a simplified alternative to actioning a handgun vice using the hard edges of a holster, or other tool to action the slide via single-hand use. In use, The Racker’s rigid design and reinforced backer allowed it to have that posture whereby the end-user could press their pistol-mounted optics against or the rear iron sight. The downside, unrelated to The Racker itself, was if the belt and its materials lacked corresponding structure. In belts that were very flexible/mailable (often only outer belts worn over the hip), such as the Wilder Tactical Cobra Belt, the downward pressure when The Racker was used caused the entire belt to curl over and thus delayed effective manipulation of the handgun. Oppositely, belts with more rigid materials and structure (often with corresponding inner belts or wider belts), such as the Wilder Tactical Urban Defender Belt had that strength to hold up while The Racker was used.
  • Weight – Excellent (5/5): Weighing in at 0.8 ounces (with mounting hardware), The Racker was of a very minimal weight, for a functional accessory that didn’t add bulk or sag to the overall belt. It neither unbalanced the overall belt, or was obtrusive to the end-user. In contrast, while there was no direct comparator to The Racker, often end-users will utilize pistol pouches for storage or to provide similar pressure points against, and pouches like G-Code’s Scorpion Pistol Pouch (3.3 ounces) illustrate that The Racker is at an excellent light weight for a functional tool on any belt.

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

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