Magpul MOE K2-XL Grip: For Those With the Big Grip

Featuring a wider grip and ideal approach angle for short-barreled rifles, the MOE K2-XL Grip by Magpul is one of several new products featured in 2022. The MOE K2-XL Grip gives shooter’s with larger hands 25% more tactile contact area than traditional grips.

Introduced in 2022, the MOE K2-XL is a non-adjustable, molded rifle grip for either AR-15s or AR-10s. The grip itself features Magpul’s Trapezoidal Surface Projections (TSP) pattern and front/rear serrations for improved tactile control.

The MOE K2-XL also is molded to a 17-degree approach angle to accommodate most shooting styles with short-barrel rifles. The bottom of the MOE K2-XL is capped to allow easy access to the mounting hardware and accepts only the Oil Bottle Grip Core (included) exclusive to the K2-XL (because of the expanded size in the grip).


  • Approximately 25% more surface area for grip
  • Beavertail backstrap for proper trigger finger alignment
  • Included Oil Bottle Grip Core

The MOE K2-XL Grip is available in Black (featured), Flat Dark Earth (featured), and OD Green.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Excellent (5/5): At $23.95 the MOE K2-XL Grip price point reflects the newest rendition of Magpul’s MOE K2 grip series that allots for larger hands necessitating a larger coverage/surface area. Made from the same rigid polymer material as other Magpul products, the MOE K2-XL Grip includes a molded and a more comfortable grip for shorter barreled rifles or AR pistols. In contrast, the Hexmag Tactical Grip ($34.99), the Ergo Grip w/Suregrip ($26), and Hogue’s over-molded rubberized grip ($26.95) demonstrate that the MOE K2-XL Grip is the least expensive and an excellent value to the consumer. It is however, the one of the newer models on the Magpul’s MOE K2 grip series and may not be readily available.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): The comfort aspect of the MOE K2-XL Grip came down to the grip’s overall 25% increase in width over the K2, and its approach angle to the lower receiver. Used for a duration of 30 days on both an SBR and a AR pistol, the Trapezoidal Surface Projections (TSP), and higher beavertail/backstrap did provide a good level of comfort for end-users with larger hands (mostly men) high up on the grip. Although those with smaller hands (such as women) may find with the MOE K2-XL Grip there is too much surface to cover and get a solid purchase. Stepping down to a standard size MOE K2 or K2+ grip would resolve this issue. Elsewhere, because of the 17-degree angle to the lower receiver, the wrist didn’t fatigue as easily when the firearm was held over time and compared to the sharper-angled A2 style grip, as more of the hand was vertically in-line to the wrist.
  • Durability – Average (3/5): The MOE K2-XL Grip was made from the same proprietary polymer material as other Magpul products, and the grip help up appropriately (or of average) with regular use, weapon manipulation, and field stressors. The surface of the MOE K2-XL Grip did not significantly wear or deteriorate along contact areas or overall—with only minor surface marring noted (common to this type of material) due to contact to hard surfaces. The pressure to the locking tab on the bottom of the grip used to secure the Grip Core module; remained consistent over time and usage, with no weakening of the tab itself nor failure in keeping the module retained.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): Rather simplistic; the function of the MOE K2-XL Grip really came down to improving the comfort (addressed above) of the shooter with relation to presentation on the firearm (as is the intent of the overall K2 grip line), while providing a good alternative for those with larger hands that may find A2-style grips or those that are narrow more difficult to use appropriately. By modifying the angle of the MOE K2-XL Grip to a higher angle, the end-user was able to keep a higher grip on the firearm and inward to the body more, with improved direct line to the controls—thus alleviating stress and fatigue on the wrist. The TSP and front/rear serrations also ensured a solid grip was maintained with, or without gloves.
  • Weight – Average (3/5): At 3.3 ounces (2.8 ounces w/o Oil Bottle Grip Core) the MOE K2-XL Grip is appropriately weighted for the polymer materials that consist in the grip’s overall design. In contrast, the Hexmag Tactical Grip (2.6 ounces), the Ergo Grip w/Suregrip (4.48 ounces), and Hogue’s over-molded rubberized grip (2.8 ounces) demonstrate that the MOE K2-XL Grip was appropriately (or of average) weight amid the market and competitors.

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

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