True North Concepts Modular Holster Adaptor: For a Solid Base

Intended to provide a rigid platform for mid-rise holsters, the Modular Holster Adaptor (MHA) by True North Concepts eliminates the unintended and unwanted excess movement common to many flexible factory drop holsters.

Modular Holster Adaptor

Made from 6061 T6 aluminum with a milspec hard coat anodized finish, the MHA is a rigid plate with multiple, CNC machined slots for mounting a variety of holsters (or attachments) directly to the MHA. Overall, at its largest dimensions the MHA measures approximately 7.5” (L) x 2.125” (W) x 0.75” (D) with all mounting hardware attached.

The MHA slots support a “mid-ride” style of holstering whereby the holster then rests below the belt line sufficiently to allot of the wear of body armor/plate carriers and other type of tactical or professional duty gear. The MHA is patterned to support any Safariland-style, three hole holsters or many QLS quick attach/detach-style adapters, at any of its three different height levels. It also allows for up to 20-degrees cant (10-degrees front or 10 degrees back) to meet the end-user’s preferred approach angle to the firearm.

The back of the MHA includes two mounting bars that can be threaded through most popular MOLLE/PALS webbing style belts, or mounted directly across any gun belt (up to 2.25” wide).

The Modular Holster Adaptor is available in Black (featured), Dark Earth, and OD Green.

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Leg Strap Kit

Optional to the MHA is the Leg Strap Kit (LSK), which is intended to augment the MHA for those seeking the added security of a mid-thigh leg strap.

The LSK (sold separately) is a slotted plate made from a proprietary polymer material, and is a 2” (L) x 2” (W) plate that is connected into the bottom of the MHA via connecting screws.

The slots allow for a 1” nylon and elastic leg strap to pass through and is secured via a 1” polymer slide-release buckle. Previously, the leg strap was made from milspec elastic only, and feedback was poor. The strap’s materials was thus changed to the nylon blend and strengthened. The leg strap itself is 36” in length and adjusted via the included triglide hardware.

The LSK itself can be configured in one of four positions (high, two versions of mid, and low) that give the end-user the most ideal positioning of the leg strap itself.

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G-Code RTI Adaptor

To convert the MHA to the popular G-Code RTI configuration, end-users would need the RTI Adaptor (sold separately). This spacer/alignment plate allows the three-hole configuration to be reversed and enables a circular RTI mount (not included) to be attached.

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Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): With each element of the True North system both scalable and made from a variety of material, each aspect of the product is priced as:
    • Modular Holster Adapter:…$82.50
    • Modular Leg Strap Kit:………$38.49
    • RTI Adapter:……………………..$27.49
    • These elements allow the end-user to customize their leg platform to accommodate either the Safariland or G-Code RTI patterned holsters. Additionally, the leg strap kit allows for individuals to have the added security and comfort of a leg retention device. In contrast, similar leg drop platforms would be the Safariland 6004-5 Single Leg Strap Shroud w/Drop Flex Adapter ($72.00), and G-Code’s Optimal Drop Pistol Platform ($71.00). However, both of these alternative platforms are made from polymer base materials (which explains the price difference) and have differing performance values in terms of rigidity. As such, the Modular Holster Adapter as a stand-alone product, has an appropriate (or average) cost amid the market of current alternatives.
  • Comfort Average (3/5): From a comfort aspect, the Modular Holster Adapter (MHA) provided a very rigid platform on which to mount major holster types (with and without the RTI Adapter). The added strength of the 6061 T6 aluminum was an improvement over conventional polymer holster platforms that often flex during the draw. But the MHA kept a very rigid posture that, despite the stress of the weapon being pulled upwards, didn’t give. The mounting hardware maintained a solid anchor, and thread-lock was provided by True North to further anchor the platform. The Leg Strap Kit (LSK) added the security of a leg strap to the MHA and prevented flex in the platform, though it didn’t feel as if that was necessary for anything but comfort. Perhaps the biggest detractor from a comfort aspect to the MHA was while sitting (such as seated in a vehicle or chair) the platform would bend the belt slightly, or dig into the seating due to the rigidity of the material. In this case, True North suggested end-users loosen their overall belt slightly (without effecting draw) to allow the MHA the flexibility necessary to articulate while seated.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The durability of the MHA went as far as the base T6 aluminum material allowed, which is to say that for most range and professional work it held up well. Through continual usage/adjustment/more usage, only superficial marring was noted due to contact with gear and other hard-edge items, but none of which penetrated into the sub-surface metal. Likewise the RTI adapter held up similarly as it was made from the same material. The LSK was the only item made from a lesser dense material (i.e. polymer), and thus its durability rating wasn’t as high—but that is appropriate since the leg strap itself was more supportive of the overall MHA and not a key component in handling the stressors of pistol draw. True North stated that “the polymer blend chosen was specifically intended to bend and flex with the individual. Other polymers were considered, being either too brittle or too weak when combined with the movement of the wearer, thus the current solution. While it was not stipulated as a requirement, end-users are recommended in keeping the mounting hardware of the QLS or RTI mounts loose until a desired position or angle is found, then utilize the provided thread lock on each individual screw one at a time. This will negate continual readjustment”.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): From a functional aspect, the MHA (and with supportive LSK or in the RTI configuration) offered a lot to the end-user. With its various QLS adjustment positions and angles, a large degree of shooters could potentially tailor their holster to their desired height and approach angle. The mounting hardware itself was very secure to the belt and allotted absolutely no excess movement (an improvement over typical polymer drop-leg platforms that merely thread through the belt). Perhaps the only functional aspect it would be recommended to True North to explore would be consideration of alternate belt material, specifically an elastic or non-rigid nylon strap. The Cordura fabric of the LSK was very good at functionally retaining the MHA to the thigh, but it also had a somewhat tourniquet-like effect if over-tightened, or during dynamic movements where range of motion exceeded normal static use. To this purpose, True North Concepts also reminds end-users that the slots in the LSK are designed to accommodate other brand leg straps, such as those from Safariland, for individual preference.
  • Weight Excellent (5/5): The weight of the MHA kit, with its varied components was mere ounces and determined more by each element’s base materials. As such, each measured in at:
    • Modular Holster Adapter:…5.9 ounces
    • Modular Leg Strap Kit:……..1.9 ounces
    • RTI Adapter:……………………..0.7 ounces
    • In contrast, the weight of the Safariland 6004-5 Single Leg Strap Shroud w/Drop Flex Adapter (11 ounces), and G-Code’s Optimal Drop Pistol Platform (10.8 ounces) both come in still at a higher weight than the MHA or any of the supportive elements combined. This is likely attributed to these alternative platforms are made from thicker polymer base material with larger leg strap slide-release buckles. As such, the weight of the MHA was very lightweight and excellent amid the current market and its competitors.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

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