Spectre Kydex Holster: Quality Kydex From a Local Vendor

Introduced in our “What Goes Into a Product” series, kydex has any number of applications and configurations. Local Saint Louis holster manufacturer Spectre Holsters, LLC has been in operation since 2015, and recently acquired by Americas Armory, Inc. in 2018 to offer an expanded variety of standard and custom kydex holsters.

Specifications for Spectre Holsters

One featured Spectre holster is a custom OWB “Apparition” blended design for a Sig P226 with Trijicon RMR and suppressor-height sights; and a custom 2+1 pistol and rifle magazine combination that merges both stand-alone carriers into one unit. Both OWB holsters are in the officially licensed Multicam pattern, and cut from .8″ kydex. The design for the OWB pistol/magazine holsters combine the traditional taco/pancake style of holsters with a competition cut that retains an overall duty functionality. Spectre also included an IWB “Phantom” concealment holster for the same handgun in a low-profile black.

The OWB pistol holster features dual adjustable retention screws for customized pressure. The OWB magazine holster also has an adjustable retention screw for both pistol magazines, while the AR slot has enough stand-alone retention. The hardware used in the OWB design includes large CKK Combat Loops for both the pistol and magazine carriers, while the curve in the magazine carrier keeps the platforms close to the body. The IWB holster uses the standard belt loops that are angled to press the handgun into the body and reduce overall printing. All kydex edges are rounded and polished to maximize overall comfort.

Spectre Holsters, LLC offers a variety of product line to include; folded one or two-piece OWB kydex holsters, IWB concealment holsters, thigh-mounted handgun rigs, competition setups, or custom designed kydex holsters for large-frame hunting handguns.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): Spectre offers a variety of holsters at prices that are consistent with the rest of the industry. As an added bonus, Spectre offers a number of unique kydex patterns and designs such as officially licensed multicam, carbon fiber in varying colors, or other specialty prints.
  • ComfortExcellent (5/5): The retention screws on the OWB “Apparition” pistol and magazine holsters provide customizable pressure, and enable me to adjust for positive control and security. The curvature of the custom 2+1 magazine holster is excellent in maintaining its position close into the body. The use of CKK Combat loops allow easy adjustment in the width of the loops from 1″-2″ and maintain a positive and secure hold on either a competition or duty/tactical belt. Likewise the soft edges to the IWB “Phantom” also made for a comfortable carry against the body.
  • DurabilityExcellent (5/5): The durability of kydex relates to the use of the owner; the harder you run it, the more it conforms for the purpose needed. The only factor for either the OWB or IWB holsters provided involved fitting the interior dimension of the kydex holsters, with the dimension of my P226’s suppressor-height sights. As the holster wore in to my personal draw mechanics, the sights carved out the necessary clearance to the interior and achieved improved fit. Spectre backs up its holsters with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that addresses any concern in durability or functionality.
  • FunctionalityExcellent (5/5): Kydex provides for a large array in customization, and in this case the ability to create custom holsters for an RMR-mounted handgun, and preferred magazine carrier make the only limitation the user’s imagination and kydex maker’s skill. In this case, the functionality of an OWB shield holster blends with a competition-ready design to provide improve function. Draws and re-holstering were solid and the magazine holders had an almost buttery-smooth feel to them.
  • WeightGood (4/5): At .8″ kydex, the overall weight of the “Apparition” holster, 2+1 mag carrier, and “Phantom” holster are all around 1lb each (to include hardware). This is consistent to the weight of other similar holsters throughout the industry. Kydex is consistent in weight-to-thickness ratio so unless a manufacturer adds accessories, the weight of the carrier is very minimal.

Overall Rating – Excellent (23/25)

Product Link: https://spectreholsters.com

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