Magpul Tejas: Made With Texan Pride

Made from quality leather and rigid polymer, the Tejas “El Origional” Gun Belt by Magpul offers the quality blends a dress belt for work or leisure, and the rigidity of a functional gun belt for on or off the range.


With an outer layer made from high quality bullhide leather, the Tejas also employs a polymer base material for added “sag free” strength and rigidity. The high-tech polymer base is similar to other legacy Magpul products that endure an excessive level of abuse and moisture resistance. The eight sizing holes are spaced ¾” apart to maximize adjustability over standard belts.

The belt buckle and “tool free” custom Magpul hardware are removable, thus allowing the user to interchange the factory buckle with any standard buckle desired.


  • Bullhide cut and manufactured in Texas
  • Multiple lengths available from 32-44 inches
  • See sizing instructions on website

Comes in Light Brown (featured), Black, and Chocolate with a chrome plated belt buckle.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): While $84.95 is a bit on the high-end for a non-descript leather dress belt, the Tejas is that and much more. Aside from the quality leather, the polymer base level and custom Magpul hardware bring to the belt added quality and performance. Similar gun belts on the market run the gambit from $10 nylon belts, to leather, and composites with all manner of hardware so it’s difficult to estimate where exactly the Tejas ranks. Comparable belts from Cross Breed Holsters, Big Foot Gunbelts, and Vedder are all close in cost so the Tejas is likely of average cost for its materials.
  • Comfort Excellent (5/5): VERY comfortable. The leather itself was of average flexibility given its tanning, but visually was very even and universal in color. The surprising part was how tactile the inner polymer base layer was. It gripped into the fabric of the jeans/slacks/pants and held enough rigidity in its overall form to not sag or droop given the time worn. The result was a consistent and snug fit that not only was good for EDC, but also supported wearing a holster.
  • Durability – Average (3/5): Within the 30-day trial period the belt showed very little IMG_8083signs of wear, either to the leather or polymer. There was some creasing of the outer leather due to manipulating/bending the belt through the buckle, but that is of average wear to all similar belts as they break in. There was a concern given the hardware is somewhat raised above the belt, and as a result when feeding the belt through the buckle and loop, the end would collide and hang up on the polymer base. Repeated contact, especially if in a rush, may result in damage to the belt tip or potentially compromise the stitching. Research indicated this was a consistent concern, but not demonstrated was any significant compromised material because of it. Magpul does provide cleaning and care instructions for the bull hide leather.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): As a belt the Tejas was of good function, its strength being the unique blend of traditional materials (i.e. leather) and Magpul’s proprietary polymer. The result was a belt that was both at home in the office, on your jeans supporting your CCW, or even on the range holding up various holsters. The removable hardware also allowed the factory buckle to be easily exchanged with various third-party standard belt buckles (so if you have your Tactical Panda buckles, you are be good to go).
  • Weight Average (3/5): Weighing in at 6.4 ounces for a 38” belt, the Tejas is only slightly above the average 5-ounce weight of a premium leather dress belt, so the inclusion of the polymer base layer didn’t add a significant amount of weight.

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

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