Magpul Daka: Protect What’s Inside

Initially introduced in 2017 by Magpul, the DAKA was intended as a means to organize all the necessities that come with life on (and off) the range. Due to its construction and materials, the DAKA can provide near-waterproof storage for any item you can fit inside.

Made from polymer infused textiles, the exterior of the DAKA has a non-slip surface to provide positive grip and control. This limits accidental droppages and improves tactical feel. The edges along three sides of the DAKA, and all four corners are welded to give the pouch a fully waterproof seal on non-opening sides. On one side the DAKA also features a paint-pen dot matrix that allows you to customize a label for the contents or other identification.

The DAKA itself is secured by a YKK AquaGuard® water repellant zipper that uses a polyurethane coating to give the pouch a near-waterproof level of protection at the opening. Magpul added a 550 paracord drawstring at the zipper’s shuttle, and then encased it in heat shrink rubber tubing.

In 2018, Magpul took the original DAKA line and added a one-off variant that included the same sizes as before, but added a “window” made from a matte translucent thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) side panel to view the pouch’s contents. As of today, the DAKA line includes both variants of its pouches, wallets, and an accessory hard case.


  • Small Pouch dimensions: 6″x9″, Zipper opening: 5.75″
  • Medium Pouch dimensions: 7″x12″, Zipper opening: 8.5″
  • Large Pouch dimensions: 9″x13″, Zipper opening: 9.5″
  • Extra Large Pouch dimensions: 9.8″x16.2″, Zipper opening: 12.75″
  • Window Document Pouch dimensions:13.6”x12.7”, Zipper opening: 9.5″
  • Suppressor Storage Pouch (Small) dimensions: 9.25″x3″, Zipper opening: 6.5″
  • Suppressor Storage Pouch (Medium) dimensions:5″x3.5″, Zipper opening: 7″
  • Suppressor Storage Pouch (Large) dimensions: 13″x4.25″, Zipper opening: 9.75″

The DAKA comes in varying colors to include: Flat Dark Earth (featured), OD Green (featured), Stealth Gray, Yellow, and Orange.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): Between $18.95 for the Small DAKA, to $39.95 for the Document version, the DAKA was a little higher in cost to other similar hiking accessory cases, such as Sea to Summit’s TPU Case, LOKSAK dry bags, or Dry Pak. However, still below the cost of more rigid accessory cases, such as from Pelican. The added cost is likely attributed to the AquaGuard zipper as most similar products simply use Ziplock-type closure systems.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): Magpul notes the DAKA is puncture resistant, but what that translates into is that the DAKA’s durability is resistant to anything it might otherwise run up against either in your pack, field, or on you. It is not to be confused with “puncture proof” as the DAKA was not intended to be a hard case for your valuables or sustain knife attacks, merely protective to its contents. Tossing the DAKA around on the rock-covered range highlighted that puncture resistance. Otherwise the YKK zipper held up over continual use and never crossed teeth, and felt smooth when opening and closing. The welded edges and corners ensured a near-waterproof seal on all non-opening sides.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): As previously stated, the soft design of the DAKA does not lend itself to protecting more delicate items, such as glasses, lenses, or some plastics, but merely assisted in keeping contents organized and water resistant. One common complaint expressed in researching customer input was placement of the carabiner loop in the corners with the AquaGuard zipper in between. Some stated this limits the size of the opening as a result, but after using the DAKA for a bit, I think that was more deliberate to prevent users from running the zipper with such force to peel the shuttle right off and thus damaging the overall product. The carabiner loops act as a sufficient backstop to help protect the YKK zipper. With the AquaGuard zipper providing water resistance, we tested the DAKA in a basin of water with toilet paper inside and everything was fine. Then we reversed the process and placed water inside the DAKA and the water seeped out. This tells us that while the AquaGuard zipper did a fair job at keeping water out, when under sufficient water pressure that seal fails and water gets through. I’d estimate that if you fall in a river or are in the rain, the DAKA (and contents) would be fine. But it’s not for scuba diving or throwing into the deep end of your pool.
  • Weight – Average (3/5): Again, the weight per DAKA was based on the size of the pouch utilized, as well as the contents attempted to fit inside. While the weight of the Small Pouch was just a mere 2.4 ounces (empty), to the Document at 6.4 ounces (empty), the weight of the empty pouches is very minimal and comparable to similar type products on the market. But the size of the DAKA limits what was placed inside and thus mitigated risk of overloading the pouch.

Overall Rating* – Above Average (14/20)

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