Magpul MBUIS Pro: Full Metal for the Polymer Crew

Building on the success of its polymer sights, in 2013 Magpul expanded its product line by introducing its first, all-metal iron sights in its Pro series. Today the Magpul Back Up Iron Sight (MBUIS) Pro offer a sleek and minimalist flip up sight, with the Magpul legacy in quality.

Constructed from Melonite QPQ™ (a non-corrosive, all-steel material) the Pro delivers maximum strength and corrosion resistance. It is a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny/STANAG 4694 mountable sight that includes a “no tool” adjustment feature allowing manipulation of the elevation and windage without needing a tool or cartridge. When deployed the Pro has the same height as the standard AR iron sights.

Both the front and rear sights feature positive detents in the up and down positions, as well as on the rear sight elevation knob. The front sight has an Enhanced Front Sight Post that can be rotated to select between Standard (0.060”) and Match (0.040”) sight widths.

Front Sight Specifications:

  • IMG_8152Elevation: ~1 MOA (1.131″/100m) per click with a 14.5″ sight radius
  • Elevation: ~0.7 MOA (0.820″/100m) per click with a 20″ sight radius
  • Weight: 1.5 oz.
  • Height above rail, stowed: ~0.43″ max
  • Length above rail, stowed: 1.6″

Rear Sight Specifications:

  • IMG_8151Windage: ~0.5 MOA (0.566″/100m) per click with a 14.5″ sight radius
  • Windage: ~0.4 MOA (0.410″/100m) per click with a 20″ sight radius
  • Weight: 1.80 oz.
  • Height above rail, stowed, at mid-point: ~0.37″
  • Length above rail, stowed: 2.1″
  • Aperture height over rail: 1.41″
  • Small aperture dia.: 0.07″
  • Large aperture dia.: 0.19”

Consumers should be aware, airsoft replicas of the MBUIS Pro are well found and oft poorly delineated from legitimate MBUIS Pro sights. There are also extensive examples of fakes from overseas. Care should be used when ordering from third-party vendors and comparisons to known examples of the MBUIS Pro should be used if not ordering from legitimate vendors.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At $84.95 for the front MBUIS Pro, and $104.95 for the rear, the set ($189.90) was on the relative high end and comparable to other quality BUIS iron sights, such as from Troy ($199), the LWRC Skirmisher ($210), or LaRue ($199). Some internet research revealed the sights are a little cheaper on third party retail sites using online coupons, but not significantly to warrant offsetting the inherent risk of airsoft replicas or fakes from overseas. It should be noted that the Pro is sold mounted on the plastic insert and in individual packaging, not as a cardboard boxed set (a clear indicator that it is not the legit product).
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Much smaller, almost by 40%, than the original MBUIS, the Pro was very lightweight and very compact but still offered the same height as traditional iron sights. Initial concern over the “no tool” elevation/windage feature to move during fire was quickly alleviated as the detents were very positive (although very stiff to adjust). The Enhanced Front Sight Post was a little difficult to pick up in the Match setting at greater distances because the age of my eyes and the sight post’s all black color against an all-black target.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The Melonite finish on the Pro is rather well known for its abrasion resistance and long-term durability. It is frequently used on parts regularly exposed to high heat thus why the Pro front sight can now be mounted directly to a gas block as opposed to its predecessor. During testing, drills, and stressors no surface marring was noted and the iron sights held up well.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): The “no tool” elevation/windage aspect of the Pro was a nice change over 90% of the rest of the iron sights on the market that require a proprietary tool or bullet to adjust. The detents when deploying or lowering the Pro were positive and provided a solid lock in either the UP or DOWN position. Gone however was the spring-loaded aspect of the original MBUIS. Research of customer input showed some issues with the locking aspect of the Pro, specifically when the front sight was deployed. Without the spring-loaded aspect, the sight didn’t have that positive pressure against the detent, thus resulting in the front sight occasionally folding down during recoil of heavier caliber rifles (7.62 and larger). During this evaluation, the Pro was tested against 9mm and .223 caliber rifles and this problem was not observed.
  • Weight Average (3/5): Weighing a total of 3.30 ounces for the set (front sight weighing 1.5 ounces, rear 1.8) the MBUIS Pro was nearly the same weight as its predecessor (weighing a combined 2.5 ounces), something attributed to its all-steel design despite being almost half the size. The weight of the MBUIS is also approximate in weight to the above-mentioned market alternatives. The demure weight of the set added very little to the overall weight of the rifle.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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