Month: June 2019

New Shooting Venue Listed! Practical Tactical Plus

Opening July 1st, a new shooting center for individuals seeking full 360-degree rotating target systems will be available. Located approximately 100m north of Saint Louis, Practical Tactical Plus offers shooters the ability […]

Review Posted: Snake Eater Tactical (SET) Warbelt

Nestled back in the upper potions of the Pacific Northwest, lies one of the more recognizable tactical and EDC belt makers on the market. Chris Calvert from Snake Eater Tactical (SET) has […]

Review Posted: Tuff Products Competition Belt

Initially introduced in 2016, the Surefit Competition Belt by Tuff Products offers the company’s effort to provide a secure means to competitive belt carry. With a dual inner/outer belt system, the Surefit belt […]

Review Posted: Lighnting X Hybrid Range/Patrol Bag: A Bag For Everything

Range bags come in a variety of configurations and designs, but good ones fill a variety of different roles not limited to just carting around your firearm and ammo. Enter the Hybrid […]

Review Posted: Pocket Pro II Shot Timer

Depending on if your shooting interests are competitive, developmental, or personal a quality shot timer is essential. The Pocket Pro II by Competition Electronics offers a simplified timing platform that covers all […]

Developmental Drill: The NSS

Back in its heyday, an oft-group out of Las Vegas, Nevada known as the Zombie Eradication Response Team (ZERT) used the term “zombie” as a metaphor for preparedness and drew members worldwide. […]

Review Posted: Propper Summerweight Tactical Shorts – Just In Time For Summer

As the temperature turns up, time on the range can translate to long hours in the sun. Thankfully the Summerweight Tactical Shorts by Propper can help keep you cool, while still giving […]

Review Posted: Propper Bail Out Bag

Designed for rapid deployment and flexibility, the Propper Bail Out Bag offers a modern take on a way to pack for a short-term contingency…more>>> #wearpropper #rangebag #bailoutbag #pewpew

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