Interview with USCCA Sales Manager

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Outside Sales Manager, Jacob Smith. New to the area but from the Saint Louis community, Jacob represents the new direction of USCCA to provide local and accessible representation to clients in their home area. Over the next 90 minutes, we discussed some strategies in which Jacob could network and grow USCCA networking. We focused on how USCCA fits within the local STL demographics and its current crime issues, and avenues that could present him with growth potential (such as engagements with local vendors, church leaders, police, private security, and the public). We discussed event opportunities and leveraging social media to help convey his accessibility to members, and the advantages of USCCA.


In short, USCCA offers a number of legal and training resources should a member be forced to defend themselves – regardless of defensive means (meaning they cover you if you are forced to defend yourself with a gun, knife, or whatever is at hand..including your hands). They offer a tiered membership package that increases in protection with coverage. If you carry daily, are a law enforcement officer, or work in a position where you need legal protection if you have to defend yourself, consider contacting Jacob and hearing what he and USCCA can offer. I learned a great deal and hope to see him at shooting sport events around town.

The national USCCA website is:

As an Outside Sales Manager representing the bi-state region, Jacob’s contact information is:, or 636-212-4829.

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