Fire 4 Effect Defense

Fire 4 Effect Defense (F4E) is a training company owned and operated by Rob Reim since early 2021. Rob is a former USMC member who focuses on the fundamentals to establish muscle memory and proficiency. The F4E mission statement is simple: Shooter Development.

Rob’s personal ethos lies along imparting these critical skills to both civilian and first responders saying “I will always offer all of our courses to the everyday American because I believe the everyday American should be capable and given the opportunity to benefit from this training. During my time in the Marine Corps, I was afforded the opportunity to attended multiple advanced training and development courses that the majority of conventional Infantry Marines did not receive. Through my training, I gained knowledge and perspectives that benefit my everyday life outside of service which I believe will also benefit anyone with the drive to learn. We also accomplish this without compromising TTP/SOP’s. Every Fire 4 Effect Defense Instructor possesses unique knowledge and experiences, but we also all share the common goal of building our community through training and camaraderie, regardless of profession.”

We accomplish the mission of shooter development by offering multiple and diverse training courses focusing on varied environments and emphasis. This includes our GunFighter, Defender, and Deadly in the Dark course work. Each course underscores core marksmanship fundamentals and firearm handling, integrating those fundamentals into mission-driven concepts that combined produce a more capable and confident firearm owner.

Rob Reim – Fire 4 Effect Defense

Popular courses include:

  • Gunfighter: Carbine and pistol work
  • Defender: Pistol work
  • Deadly in the Dark: Night vision and/or low-light work

For those interested in exploring the coursework or reservations for Fire 4 Effect, you can find their website at:

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