A Day with Fire 4 Effect Defense

It can often be a challenge for individuals to find credible, and localized training that will advance their personal skillset beyond that of static lane shooting at an indoor range. But facts remain that “practical” training venues are few and far between. Enter Fire 4 Effect Defense, a local, small instructor-led business offering a variety intermediate and advanced training courses at Top Gun Sportsman’s Club. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Gunfighter II Course with its lead instructor, Rob Reim.

The Class

Classes with Fire 4 Effect (F4E) range between 15-25 students each, with two instructors per course. This gives the class a good balance between two instructors who often are running one lane of fire per side at a time (one left and one right). The F4E instructors led the class through progressively complex iterations, under direct guidance.

Coursework for the Gunfighter II class (which required the previous Level I class or subsequent skill level) centered around a crawl-walk-run structure, with a basic introduction and zero/hold-over familiarity/safety emphasized at the beginning. As the day progressed, gradually more complex iterations and drills were introduced, with each building upon the last until ultimately students were conducting moving drills and engaging multiple targets, with/without barricades, at varying distance and orientation. This more accurately reflected real-world, high-stress environments over static indoor settings. Other unique separate courses offered by F4E include handgun, night vision/low-light courses, and small team unit training. While classes are centeric at Top Gun Sportsman’s Club, additional classes are being planned out-of-state for both added access and future night-vision courses.

The Crew

The instructors (Rob and Ryan) presented themselves as competent and friendly, frequently providing hands-on correction for students or answering questions as presented, while ensuring safety and maintaining the 180-plane during live fire. Students ran the gambit of initial introduction to the AR platform, to more seasoned – but the drills were appropriate for all levels. Additionally, professional photo work was provided by Dustin Wood on behalf of F4E for each class.

For more about the Fire 4 Effect Defense team check out the F4E page under our Vendor/Venues.

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