Wilder Tactical Urban Elite Kit: Everything Needed On a Single Belt

Comprised of multiple components, the Urban Elite Kit from Wilder Tactical brings together many of the popular options under the company’s tactical belt and holster line. The Urban Elite Kit (UEK) provides the balanced package of quality components needed to go straight from  out-of-the-box to range or field.

Broken down respectively into its major components, the UEK comprises of the inner belt, outer belt, the modified UBL leg drop platform, and corresponding pouches (to include IFAK, dump pouch, and magazine pouches). Together they offer a complete tactical belt package that is ready for both novice and professional shooters.

Inner Belt

The UEK comes with two different types of inner belts, the first being the Urban Assault Belt Pad, which is a more slimline and lower profile belt pad than the Minimalist Belt pad (sold separately). Made with an inner pad of neoprene rubber, the Urban Assault Belt Pad is 2 1/8” wide and has a continual field of hook-and-loop (female) the entire length of the inner belt.

There is no buckle on the Urban Assault Belt Pad, and the hook-and-loop (female) exterior is intended to mount directly to, and in place of the Minimalist Belt, with the corresponding hook-and-loop (male) material on the interior of the outer belt. This gives the overall platform a ready-use application whereby the battle belt can be immediately donned without complication.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/belts-accessories/belt-pads/urban-assault-pad/

The second inner belt that comes with the UEK is the Inner Cobra Belt. This is a more traditional 1 ½” wide trouser belt, secured with a 1 ½” low-profile AustriAlpin EDC Cobra Buckle (rated to 800lb working load) using a 1” wide nylon webbing in the front for improved comfort when cinching. Like the Urban Assault Belt Pad, the exterior hook-and-loop (female) material on the Inner Cobra Belt can be immediately mated to the corresponding hook-and-loop (male) material on the interior of the outer belt for rapid use.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/belts-accessories/belts/wilder-inner-pant-belt/

Outer Belt

The outer UEK belt is the workhorse to the overall platform and on which all accessories are mounted. The Urban Defender Belt is a traditional 1 ¾” wide, Type 13 nylon webbing belt that is double layered to create the MOLLE-compatible segments that run the entire length of the belt’s exterior.

The Urban Defender Belt is secured at the front with a AustriAlpin Pro Style Cobra Buckle. Included on the belt’s exterior is a Utility Hook for both securing belt excess, as well as attaching keys, gloves, or other looped items.

On the interior of the Urban Defender Belt is a 1 ½” wide band of continual hook-and-loop (male) material that is used to immediately connect the belt to either the Inner Cobra Belt (when worn as a regular trouser belt) or the Urban Assault Pad (when attached prior to use).

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/belts-accessories/belts/urban-defender-belt-udb/

UBL Leg Drop

Aside from the main belt platform, the other platform on the UEK is the Modified UBL Drop Leg Strap. This platform integrates with the Safariland Quick Locking System (QLS) to allow branded holsters to rapidly connect/disconnect from the drop leg platform for improved storage or when a firearm is no longer needed on the range.

Included in the design of the Modified UBL Drop Leg Strap is Wilder Tactical’s unique mounting assembly that rotates on a central pivot point, and angles the nylon leg strap slightly for a more anatomical fit to the thigh. The leg strap itself is non-elastic, and secured via the same 1 ½” low-profile AustriAlpin EDC Cobra Buckle as the Inner Cobra Belt.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/belts/leg-straps/modified-ubl-drop-leg-strap-with-qls-receiver/


Wilder Tactical offers a diverse line of both formed kydex and soft nylon pouches to fit any end-user. These pouches run the gambit of both recreational and professional-use pouches to fit a variety of mission needs. On the UEK, the package includes two rifle, two pistol, and one IFAK pouch.

The rifle and pistol pouches selected by Wilder Tactical are from its Urban Assault Rifle/Pistol Magazine Pouch line that is comprised of a combination in laminate nylon (front and rear) with injection-molded sidewalls. A threaded shock-cord provides retention adjustment, while a 1-1 ½” wide hook-and-loop (femle) band of material is on both front/rear interiors and provides some level of padding for magazines, or the inclusion of kydex inserts (sold separately) if so desired.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/magazine-pouch/

One of the included pouches for the UEK is the Urban Assault Dump Pouch and available in either a nylon mesh or 500D Cordura. When stowed, the dump pouch collapses and is secured with an over-the-top flap that connects via hook-and-loop to a corresponding field on the underside of the pouch. When opened, the dump pouch measures 8 ¼” x 11 ½” with enough depth to stow up to seven AR-15 magazines.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/dump-pouches/

Included with the UEK is the Med Pouch 2.0 and Micro TQ Sleeve that comes fully stocked with a sealed IFAK and NAR CAT-T tourniquet. The 2.0 itself is an envelope-style IFAK pouch made from laminate nylon, with elastic nylon sides to accommodate the associate medical kit or items. The enclosure’s exterior also is lined with hook-and-loop for attaching medical or identification patches.

The Micro TQ Sleeve is attached via MALICE clip to the bottom of the Med Pouch 2.0 and uses an elastic nylon cuff to secure the tourniquet itself without restricting draw when needed.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/medical-pouches/

A Word on Security

All of the included pouches for the UEK include Wilder Tactical’s proprietary Universal UAB Clip that is secured into each pouch via set-screw for the maximum rigidity possible.

The Urban Elite Kit is available in Ranger Green (featured), Multicam, Multicam Black, Black, Wolf Grey, and Coyote Brown. It ranges in sizes from Small to 2XL, while Wilder Tactical recommends ordering a belt size 1-2” above your actual trouser waist size.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Fair (2/5): Sold as an overall kit, the UEK is comprised of a majority in Cordura fabrics and polymer injected sidewalls, and has an MSRP of $616 and comes in a variety of colors. Taken individually, the components otherwise costing the end user the following:
    • Urban Assault Belt Pad……….…$27.50
    • Inner Cobra Belt……………………$60.49
    • Urban Defender Belt………..……$126.50
    • Modified UBL Drop Leg Strap…$93.47
    • Urban Assault Pouch (Rifle)……$35.20 – $38.49ea.
    • Urban Assault Pouch (Pistol)…..$31.35 – $34.64ea.
    • Urban Assault Dump Pouch..….$40.65 – $43.95
    • Med Pouch 2.0 Kit…………………..$132.00
    • As such, market alternatives to the UEK include the Assaulter’s Belt System ($417 w/NAR SIRK Medical Kit for $104 sold separately) from G-Code Holsters, the Rigger’s Belt (configured to match $509, w/NAR SIRK Medical Kit $104 sold separately), and the TYR Tactical Gunfighter Belt Kit (configured to match $409, w/NAR SIRK Medical Kit $104 sold separately) illustrate that while the UEK is one of the higher costing kits amid the market, but the cost remains fair to the consumer for its materials, function, included medical kit, and durability in laminate nylon.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, with its inner/outer belts fully adjustable, it was important to follow the sizing instructions provided by Wilder Tactical, as there will only be enough excess material cut for both lengths to adjust up/down approximately four waist sizes. Otherwise, the Urban Defender Belt and two different inner belts made for a very solid and comfortable platform that neither shifted in weight nor slipped in hardware despite stressor drills (lunges & sprints). The weight of loaded magazines had no observed negative effect to the magazine pouches themselves or adjustable shock cord, and the rigidity of the outer Urban Defender Belt helped mitigate weight around the shooter’s hip and waist. Another good comfort aspect noted was the angled and movable design to the UBL Leg Drop platform. This angle places the leg strap at the proper angles needed for anatomical comfort and movement around the thigh, and not at the 90-degree belt other companies use that often rides up into the groin.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The UEK lends its long-term durability to its choice in solid components, quality of materials/reinforcement, and integrated design. At the root of the UEK’s durability was the UAB mounting clips that ensured positive and secure retention between the belt and all accessories. Thus, these accessories were made from a thick ABS polymer and remained locked into place so the opted configuration will be around for a very long time. Also, both the belts (inner/outer) and pouches were noted to use extensive bartac, X-type, and reinforced stitching throughout all stress points that increased its overall durability. The AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle helped ensure the belt stayed secure.  Separately, the UBL Leg Drop platform was noted to be made from the same polymer injected material as many Safariland holsters and platforms. This translated to greater rigidity and durability against hard use. The UBL Leg Drop platform holster also had rolled and polished edges for added comfort and avoided gouging or pinching.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5):  There is a lot to unpack with the UEK in that it provided for a complete and immediate, one-time-buy, war/range/duty belt system made from high quality materials right out-of-the-box. The ability to utilize either of the inner belt designs for on/off use of the overall outer belt, meant that the end-user was able to modify and adapt the UEK as needed based on activity or mission. Additionally, the rotational point on the UBL Leg Drop platform and angled leg strap mount plate meant that the leg strap fell more anatomically correct and comfortably around the leg rather than straight across (found in other versions of leg drop platforms). One point of recommended consideration for Wilder Tactical is to offer an elastic version of the leg strap rather than a nylon one—this would allow for more flexibility of the material as end-users do more dynamic leg muscles movements. The nylon strap had an almost tourniquet-like effect if not properly loosened, and a more elastic material would help resolve this while keeping retention. Lastly, Wilder Tactical may want to consider offering optional kydex inserts for its rifle and magazines pouches (since they already had the hook-and-loop fabric on the interior for them). Several times during drills, the magazine pouches (especially the pistol version) would collapse closed enough and make re-inserting magazines difficult.
  • Weight – Average (3/5): As a whole, in the evaluated XL size, the UEK weighed in at 3.3  pounds (without holster, and with only the inner pad or inner belt)
    • Urban Assault Belt Pad……….…3.7 ounces
    • Inner Cobra Belt…………………….3.7 ounces
    • Urban Defender Belt…………..…17.7 ounces
    • Modified UBL Drop Leg Strap…7.3 ounces
    • Urban Assault Pouch (Rifle)……2.8 ounces
    • Urban Assault Pouch (Pistol)…..1.4 ounces
    • Urban Assault Dump Pouch……3.4 ounces
    • Med Pouch 2.0 Kit………………….14.7 ounces
    • In contrast, the weight in market alternative kits to the UEK’s scale will very in large extent to the differences in design and materials selected at the time of purchase. For instance, the Assaulter’s Belt System (2.15 pounds total) weighed in under a similarly configured kit by HSGI or TYR Tactical (3.5 and 3.8 pounds respectfully). The variance in weight can be attributed to use of blended materials, leg-drop design, and volume of reinforced stitching present. As such, for its materials and design, the UEK is appropriately  (or of average) weight amid the market and its competitors.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com

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