Otte Gear Helmet Bag: Protect the Lid and All the Accessories

Keeping your high-end helmet, night vision, and accessories safe during transport can be a nerve-racking experience if left to rattle around with the rest of your gear. The OG Helmet Bag from Otte Gear helps compartmentalize and protect those mission essential items independently, or in conjunction with kit bags or other cases.

Debuted at SHOT Show 2022, the OG Helmet Bag (OHB) is a structured 24” (L) x 11” (W) x 13” (H) gear bag made from 500D Cordura fabric, and completely padded on all sides.


On the exterior of the OHB, the bag is a minimalist structured bag that is curved to the opening side.

At the front, the OHB has dual nylon carrying handles (one anchored into the lid and the other anchored into the bag) and a 3” (L) x 1 ¾” (H) hook-and-loop (female) field for attaching identification or morale patches.

All other sides of the OHB are sleek and free of features to avoid accidentally snagging the OHB on gear while being stored, or transported.


The interior of the OHB is accessed via YKK zipper (with dual rubberized nylon pull-tab shuttles) and colored after the high visibility orange of a VS17 panel to aid in rapid visual recognition of contents and minimize dark interior corners.

On the bottom of the OHB is an adjustable three-point cinch strap for securing a helmet to the bag.

On the left side of the interior are three elastic accessory pouches to use for storing helmet accessories or other items.

The entire right side of the interior is a full field of hook-and-loop (female) fabric for attaching and storing similar mounted accessories, such as patches, panels, or lights.

At the rear of the OHB is a removable YKK zippered pouch that is completely lined with hook-and-loop (female) fabric, and can be custom compartmentalized with three partitions for the end-user’s specific night vision device, electronic ear pro, or other accessories.

The OG Helmet Bag is available in Ranger Green (featured), Multicam, Multicam Black, Coyote, and Tactical Grey.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Average (3/5): With its list price of $199, the OHB is comprised of fully-padded Cordura nylon and YKK zipper to give a robust and minimalist helmet bag to protect high-dollar lids, night vision, and other accessories during transport. In contrast, other market alternatives for helmet bags include the Padded Helmet Case ($97.95) by T3 Gear, the Helmet Hut ($178.10) by First Spear, or the Combat Helmet Bag ($149.99) by Hard Headed Veterans. All these alternatives are below the cost of the OHB, however are smaller than the OHB and don’t incorporate inclusive storage for night vision in the same bag. Given that added functionality of the OHB, this puts it at an appropriate (or average) price point for the market and its design.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, the OHB had a good lightweight (empty) design and the exterior didn’t include excess frills or bulk that otherwise made the bag off-balance or unwieldy. The placement of the dual nylon carrying handles at the front of the OHB felt small, but allowed it to slide easily in/out of storage cases from a vertical position, but there was no corresponding side handle for end-users who may prefer to store the case on its side (perhaps having a smaller overall kit storage case). This would be a point of recommendation for Otte to consider improving in later versions of its helmet bag. The YKK zipper shuttles moved easily and around corners without any hang-ups. The high visibility interior provided easy recognition of the contents and did a good job at eliminating darkened corners where smaller pieces of gear like to hide out.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The durability of the OHB lent itself to Otte’s choice of using 500D Cordura nylon as the principle material throughout the entire bag. This material choice is common amid the tactical market, and gave the OHB itself an appropriate (or average) level of abrasion resistance against gear or other hard-edge items that were otherwise thrown into the storage container with it. The rubberized pull-tabs ensured a smooth pull and that the zipper line wasn’t over-strained. There was extensive bartack, X-pattern, and double-line stitching noted throughout the bag at all stress points along the zipper, anchoring the carrying handles, and securing the internal pockets/hook-and-loop.
  • Functionality – Average (3/5): Functionally, the OHB did a good job of doing as intended, meaning it was an all padded bag that held a helmet safely and securely. But the added inclusion of a removable case for night vision devices set the OHB apart from its competitors as most other bags do not incorporate that added device as part of the bags design. This allows the helmet in the OHB to be an all-inclusive bag whereby everything you’d need for operation is right there. The three-point cinch strap did an excellent job at securing a Large EXFIL helmet, but there was only a minimal amount of hook-and-loop fabric on the strap left to do so. This would be a point of recommendation to Otte on extending the length of hook-and-loop material on the cinch strap to account for varying sizes and dimensions of helmets (with or without accessories). Additionally, another recommendation to Otte would be to change the fabric material on the top and bottom (if not the entire interior) of the NVG case, whereas it is currently completely lined with hook-and-loop (female) to enable for customization of the internal dividers. But this fabric can actually be abrasive to NVG lenses or adjustable irises if not properly capped. So some type of velour or microfiber fabric would still allow for use of the custom dividers as well as be more protective of the electronics.
  • Weight – Average (3/5): Weighing in at 18.8 ounces (empty), the OHB did well to keep its weight to a minimal level while still keeping all sides padded to provide maximum soft-case protection. As noted above, this gave the bag a slim and minimalist profile that was neither off-balance nor unwieldy as it was transported to/from the range. Alternatively, other market options like the Padded Helmet Case (19 ounces) by T3 Gear, the Helmet Hut (31 ounces) by First Spear, or the Combat Helmet Bag (16 ounces) by Hard Headed Veterans demonstrate that the OHB is appropriately (or of average) for its weight and design amid the market of alternatives available.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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