Velocity Systems Range Bag: A Bag For Everything

Designed as a necessities bag for the field or a day at the range, Velocity Systems Range Bag is built to support the demanding needs of soldiers, professionals, competitors, or civilians. The Range Bag can support fully loaded magazines, a single handgun and supportive accessories, or compartmentalize equipment to serve as an EDC or First Response Bag.


The exterior of the Range Bag is a minimalist design built around the primary storage compartment and its two 9” (L) x 6” (H) x 3” (D) side accessory pouches. It includes dual zippers with rubberized/textured pull tabs throughout, and nylon loops on either ends of all zippers for hooks or clips. Double stitching is present at all key stress points.

On the exterior of each access pouch is an 8” (L) x 4” (H) (female) hook-and-loop field for attaching morale or identification patches. The fields are further reinforced with X-pattern stitching.


Attached on either side of the main storage compartment are two nylon carrying handles. These handles continue through the interior of the accessory pockets and are anchored into the bottom of the Range Bag for maximum carrying capability.



Inside the 13” (L) x 7” (H) x 7” (D) main storage compartment, the Range Bag has a 4” wide strip of hook-and-loop on either side of the interior. This allows for the 11” removable padded sleeve to be placed on either side of the interior based on needs of the user.


  • Made entirely from 500D Cordura
  • YKK zippers throughout

The Range Bag is available in Multicam (featured), Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, and Wolf Grey.


Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At $80.00 the Range Bag is a no-frills utility bag that can be used for a variety of range, duty, and EDC purposes. In comparison, the range bags by Propper ($59) or Lightning-X ($54) are more designed for civilian shooters and use appropriate designs, whereas Velocity Systems focuses on addressing the needs of servicemembers. Thus, the volume of material used and level of reinforcement for Velocity’s Range Bag is appropriate for its cost and intended audience.
  • Comfort Average (3/5): While functional and durable, the comfort of the Range Bag was adequate given its size and intended purpose to carry exclusively ammunition, or a single pistol with all accessories for a day at the range. It would have improved the scoring of the Range Bag had there been some padding to the carrying handles, or better a cuff that could be used to secure the handles together while providing improvement to comfort in the hands. The length of nylon for the carrying handles was more than sufficient to make these improvements while still allowing access to the main compartment. Also, while the zippers allowed for full access, Velocity System could improve on the bags comfort and functionality by making the bottom of the interior a high-visibility color as the main storage compartment (because if its depth) was somewhat difficult to see the bottom of.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): Throughout the Range Bag, double line and X-type stitching was present and provided reinforcement at all key stress points. The nylon for the carrying handles was incorporated through the sides and anchored into the bottom of the bag. This ensured if the user inadvertently overloaded the bag, its weight did not compromise the stitching nor material. The zippers were smooth and did not bind, while the hook-and-loop fields were similarly reinforced. The overall material was comprised of 500D Cordura which gave it good durability to withstand not only use, but resistence to abrasion from hard-edge objects packed inside.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): The main storage compartment and two accessory pockets were of proportional size to accommodate one full-sized pistol, three magazines, several boxes of ammunition, eye and ear protection, cleaning kit and other smaller accessories (like a shot timer). Alternatively, the main storage compartment fit 11 rifle magazines across, and two more on both sides. That left the accessory compartments available for field notebooks, pocket-sized electronics and other items that were of benefit to life downrange. The zipper pull-tabs had a nice tactile polymer tab; however, the connecting nylon cord could have been thicker as it felt frail. The availability of nylon loops throughout the bag made it ideal for running carabiner rings or other hooks through them.
  • Weight Good (4/5): At 15 ounces, the Range Bag by Velocity Systems offered a minimalist and efficient utility bag that would benefit anyone headed out for some light range work, EDC, or as a vehicle bag. In comparison, the ranges bags by Propper (3.55 pounds) and Lightning-X (3.31 pounds) were larger and offered more features that would be of benefit to civilian shooters (gun mat, magazine loops, etc) but fit the category of “nice to have” but not needed. The weight differential also reflected the difference between the use of polyester nylon and Cordura. For those who want a utilitarian range bag, then they would be well suited to consider Velocity’s design.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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