TRU-SPEC® 24-7 Pro-Flex Pants: Blending Tradition and Flexability

Debuted at SHOT Show in 2019, the Pro Flex Pants are one of 12 variants in TRU-SPEC®’s 24-7 Series® line of tactical trousers. The Pro Flex blends all the best features of TRU-SPEC®’s original 24-7 tactical trousers, and adds in the same four-way stretch material from the Xpedition® series to key stress points.

Constructed from a 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend in a rip-stop weave pattern, the principle fabric in the Pro Flex pants are also dipped in a DWR water-repellent. Four-way accents on the pants are a 91% nylon, 9% spandex, and double weave for added flexibility and breathability.

At the waist, the Pro Flex pants have seven belt loops (two on the front, five on the back) with an elastic slide adjuster on both sides of the waist that adds an extra 2” overall to the waistline. Four-way elastic accent material is added at the hip yolk for added flexibility and air flow, a feature that is then repeated above the knees.

The cut of the Pro Flex pant is a straight hip-to-ankle, with slots designed into the inside of the reinforced knees for adding knee padding. The two front pockets are a deep slash pattern with small accessory pockets behind them for carrying EDC items or pocket knives. The rear low-profile back pockets are zipper-secured on the right side. The Pro Flex pant features TRU-SPEC®’s PYRM snap closure with a YKK brass zipper fly.

Mid-thigh features include a billowed, side gusset cargo pocket and accessory pocket on each side secured by hook-and-loop. Inside each cargo pocket is an internal pocket designed to accommodate an AR magazine or other accessories. Behind each cargo pocket is a DropN dump pouch intended to accommodate most modern smartphones.

Lastly, the Pro Flex include a gusset in the groin using the four-way accent material for increased range of motion. Behind each reinforced material at the knee is an inward-facing slot for inclusion of soft knee pads.

The Pro Flex pants come in six colors including Coyote, Black, Navy, Ranger Green (featured), Khaki and Green/Black. Its sizing runs from 28” – 44” waistlines with a 30”, 32”, or 34” inseam, or 28” – 54” waistlines with a 37” unhemmed inseam.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At $63.95 the Pro Flex has all the tactical advantages of the Xpedition and the practical cost of TRU-SPEC®’s Original tactical trousers. One can find the Pro Flex online at third-party vendors for down to $53 with the use of specialty coupons. Overall, for the purpose of a light-moderate tactical pant the Pro Flex is very well priced amid the market of Propper, 5.11, or Blackhawk that would put them on par with the competition.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): While not as breathable as the Xpedition, the Pro Flex still maintained some degree of air circulation during stressor drills (lunges and sprints). It is likely that these will be more comfortable in mild-to-colder temperatures than the Xpedition as there is more trouser material and less four-way accents. There was enough flexibility in the gusset and accents that the pants were consistently comfortable. The elastic waistband material ensures that regardless of changes to waistline, you will still find a comfortable fit. It should be noted for the consumer, like the Xpedition pant, the Pro Flex runs on the long side of inseam measurement, and TRU-SPEC® confirmed this is on purpose so as to accommodate for rise in the pant while taking a knee or wearing boots, so the buyer need not add to their current inseam length when ordering.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): Although there is no Denier rating for the Pro Flex’s 65/35 polyester, the 6.5-ounce polyester/cotton blend used is among some of the industry standard for a wide array of tactical clothing. This combination offers a solid balance between abrasion resistance and flexibility. The added rip-stop pattern used to weave the polyester ensures that if any damage does occur, it does not compromise the overall garment. Despite stressor drills I did not observe any tear or sudden wear that would indicate problems. There is extensive bartack at key stress points throughout the Pro Flex, specifically at the corners to all pockets and gusset, that will help ensure longevity.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): The Pro Flex reaps the benefits of two of TRU-SPEC®’s bestselling tactical trousers; the Xpedition’s flexibility in the knee, waist, and gusset and the durability of the Original. Unlike the Xpedition however, the Pro Flex pockets are designed to dominantly be accessible from the outside, whereas some of the Xpedition’s pockets were concealed or inside other pockets. Given the intent of making an affordable tactical trouser, without going down the full rabbit hole of all the bells and whistles the market has to offer. The Pro Flex are a good balance between TRU-SPEC®’s innovation and consumer affordability.
  • Weight Average (3/5): The weight of each pant varies depending on size due to mass of material used in different waistline and inseam measurements. In this case, the featured pants were a 38” waist and 34” inseam that weighed 1.6 pounds. This is lighter than the average tactical pants, in part due to the lighter four-way accent material. However, often heavier tactical pants on the current market include features the Pro-Flex did not include in design, such as additional snap enclosures, external knee pads, or thicker polyester. In comparison, if you want the advantages of the Xpedition but not the expense, then the Pro Flex is the perfect option.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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