The Personal Utility “Go Case”: For Those On The Move

Introduced in early-2019, the Go Case by Pelican provides a low-profile, reinforced, crush-proof personal items case that can store small sensitive electronics, keys, a wallet, or any other essential items safely and securely.

The Go Case comes in two different sizes, the G10 and the G40, sized differently to accommodate different brands of cellular phones or similar electronics. Both variants are constructed from ABS polymer. The result is a container with an abrasion and impact-proof shell, that has also passed IP67 submersion testing and is rated waterproof (to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes) and protects from water, dirt, snow & dust.


The G10/40 has an external, low-profile shell made from ABS, with rubberized protective bumpers to protect the shell from accidental droppage. The shell also has an integrated carry handle for easy carrying or attaching a carabiner clip to.

Each utility case has a single hinge latch for easy one-handed opening, and stainless-steel pins that ensure smooth movement.


To prevent water and dust penetration, the Go Case also has a single built in pressure valve, similar to other Pelican protective cases, that also allows balance of air pressure.


Internally, the Go Case distinguishes itself over previous personal electronics cases in that it includes a rigid divider tray with rubberized protective lining on the interior. The rear of the divider has an elastic band for credit cards and a bill fold.

Inside each Go Case is a rubberized O-ring that ensures moisture or dust does not penetrate the storage space.



  • G10
    • External Dimensions: 7.05” (L) x 4.37” (W) x 1.81” (D)
    • Internal Dimensions: 4.80” (L) x 2.80” (W) x 1.60” (D)
    • Internal Volume: 0.01 ft³
  • G40
    • External Dimensions: 10.63” (L) x 5.39” (W) x 2.42” (D)
    • Internal Dimensions: 7.00” (L) x 3.50” (W) x 1.60” (D)
    • Internal Volume: 0.02 ft³
  • Lifetime Guarantee

The G10/40 is available in Anthracite/Gray (featured), Slate/Teal, Lime/Gray, Blush/Gray, White/Aqua, Surf Blue/Gray.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): For $39.95 the evaluated G40 is perhaps the more reasonable of the two Go Case models in that it is large enough to accommodate most modern smart phones and other items commonly carried. The G10 ($29.95) is really only large enough to accommodate a wallet and/or keys, and for its smaller size is still somewhat expensive for a case with limited storage/functionality for most people. In comparison, The Nanuk Nano 330 ($34.99) has the equivalent dimensions of the G10 while the 903 Small Case ($44.95) is approximately the same dimensions of the G40. Both market alternatives are still more expensive than their Pelican variant. Thus, while the G10/40 is less expensive than market alternatives, their respective utility for the cost is a draw and best determined by the need of the consumer.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): The low-profile shell of the Go Case made it much more comfortable to carry/hold, and it easily fit inside a backpack or between gear. The larger, integrated eyelet/carrying handle was also a nice additive in that you could easily hold the Go Case by it, or attach a D-Ring or carabiner to it. Some personal hard cases only include a cheap nylon cord or plastic D-ring that will do little to actually hold the case to anything.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): Again, the Go Case is similar to the Go Ruck except for a lack of any exo-skeleton reinforcement. The shell of the Go Case was made from ABS polymer, similar to other Pelican products, so the experienced durability was similar to other hard cases. It’s small size and design helped aid in the security of the contents. Aside from using it with near abandon, the Go Case was rattled around in the back of a truck for a few weeks (unsecured), and the hinge latch proved secure enough to survive even an ambitious 4yr old (likely good testament to the stainless-steel pins that anchor it). If you pack sensitive items in the case however, ensure you do not allow for excess space otherwise the items may rattle around inside the case and become damaged.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): Functionally, the Go Case is pretty simplistic. The interior of the G40 will accommodate most full-sized modern smartphones, and the tray will allot for most wallets and/or a few keys (Note: If you have a protective case on your cell phone it may not fit in the tray but will fit in the bottom of the case). It is unlikely the G10 will fit anything more than a wallet and key FOB—so keep your needs in mind when considering the Go Case. Given that the interior size is limited, it was impossible to overload the Go Case to the point of the ABS’s failure. The hinge was a bit problematic, in that if struck just right from the bottom, it will inadvertently pop open—a legacy issue with this type of hinge design. The rubberized O-ring, much like in other Pelican products, helped ensure moisture did not penetrate the interior despite sitting in a sink submerged for 10 minutes to test its buoyancy and seal.
  • Weight Good (4/5): At 0.93 pounds (empty) the G40 is the larger of the Go Case series (the G10 is listed as weighing 0.57 pounds) but its total weight is very minimal. Again, the interior size of the Go Case dictated how much could be stored, and as such the items you could fit (cell phone, wallet, a few keys, etc.) did not add a substantial amount of weight to the overall case. Alternatively, the Nano 330 has a stated weight of 0.8 pounds and the 903 Small case is 1.3 pounds. Thus, the G10 Go Case has a listed weight that was slightly heavier than other market alternatives, but the larger G40 weighed several ounces less than its competitors and thus is likely the more efficient deal for the price.

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

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