BFG – M4 Mag Pouch: Minimalism Meets Tactical

In line with their approach to tactical minimalism, Blue Force Gear offers their 10-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch for those who want to augment their chosen chest rig or plate carrier.

Made from the same 10-Speed military-grade elastic as other Blue Force Gear products, such as the 10-Speed M4 Chest Rig, the Triple Mag Pouch is made to hold three M4 style magazines (or other similar sized items). It provides a secure and weight efficient pouch, that has a minimal cross section when empty. It uses TEX 70 bonded nylon thread throughout to ensure all stress points maintain their durability.

The rear of the Triple Mag Pouch has Blue Force Gear’s proprietary Helium Whisper MOLLE mounting system made from ULTRAcomp laminate, giving it a threaded strength greater than 1000D nylon.


  • Overall Size: .125″ (W) x 9″ (L) x 6″ (H)

The Ten Speed Triple M4 Pouch is available in Coyote Brown (featured), Black, OD Green, Multicam, and Wolf Grey.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): At $49.95 the M4 Pouch is of comparable cost given the quantity of materials involved and design. Blue Force Gear recently release a “stackable” version of its M4 pouch that allow up to three pouches to be configured independently, but here the 10-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch all three are on a fixed single carrier. Other market alternatives include the M4 Mag Shingle ($36.99) by ATS as on the lower side, and the “Ranger” Shingle ($84.44) by First Spear as one of the highest.
  • Comfort Average (3/5): Given that the M4 Pouch is made to the same minimalist standards as other 10-Speed products by Blue Force Gear, it also held the same level of comfort. It kept a low profile when empty, and expanded when necessary. Attaching it to the PLATEminus V4 plate carrier, thanks to the elastic nylon material the M4 Pouch retained all magazines through the drills and movement. The only noted issue was re-holstering magazines, as the soft pocket edges were pliable enough to sometimes snag the edges of the magazines. Although it is a negative for the M4 Pouch, it seems Blue Force Gear has resolved this problem in their newer stackable pouches by including laminate reinforcement and a pull-tab.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The M4 Pouch is made dominantly from Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp™ laminate, which has an amazingly high degree of abrasion resistance (stronger than 1000D nylon), minimizes materials needed, and maximizes flexibility. During evaluation the M4 Pouch was attached to a plate carrier and used during rifle drills and stressors (pushups & burpees). In addition, bartack stitching was noted at key stress points to prevent separation between materials or tear. At no point did the M4 Pouch tear or fail to retain the magazines, and the Helium Whisper system maintained a secure connection to the carrier. Over time some minimal fraying was noted along the edging of the M4 Pouch’s edges, and that was comparable to other 10-Speed items. But none of it rose to the level to compromise the integrity of the product.
  • Functionality Fair (2/5): Functionally, the M4 Pouch accomplished a secure means of magazine retention by being reliant on its elastic 500D Cordura material. While other vendors often supplement this method by including shock cord or hook-and-loop, the 10-Speed material retained its elasticity despite holstering/drawing magazines. However, because of the soft, elastic 10-Speed material, it was sometimes difficult to drive the magazines home with the edges getting hung up. Over time some minimal fraying was noted along the edging of the magazine pouches, but that was comparable to other 10-Speed items. But none of it rose to the level to compromise the integrity of the product. Again, it would appear that in the newer stackable pouches, Blue Force Gear has resolved this issue by reinforcing the edges with a laminate band and pull tab.
  • Weight Good (4/5): At 78 grams (2.75 ounces) the weight of the 10-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch (empty) reflects its minimalist design and lightweight materials. In comparison to the ATS M4 Mag Shingle (9.5 ounces) and the “Ranger” Shingle (6.08 ounces), other magazine carriers will often employ more materials and weigh more to accomplish a similar purpose. While the other carriers may have more integrated means of expansion (MOLLE fields or hook-and-loop), again Blue Force Gear appeared to be addressing this in their newer line of magazine pouches.

Overall Rating – Above Average (17/25)

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