Streamlight Wedge: The Pocket Torch That Doesn’t Burn

Made for the everyday carry, the Wedge by Streamlight offers users the ability to have a variable-powered handheld flashlight that is light enough to be easily carried in the pocket, bag, or to their gear.

Made from an overall body of anodized aluminum, the Wedge was released in 2021 as a means to expand the Streamlight product line for daily use products. Measuring in at 5.46” (L) x 3.30” (W), the Wedge includes a slim, ergonomic design whereby all seams and the USB charging port are IPX7 sealed to make the flashlight waterproof for 30 minutes up to a depth to 1 meter.

The Wedge’s design includes a rotating, interchangeable control switch and reversible belt clip to ensure that when needed, the switch is indexed properly. In addition a tapered body, grooved sidewall, and attached wrist lanyard help ensure positive retention and comfort.

The internal, USB-C rechargeable battery in the Wedge provides the lighting element a continual ON runtime of up to three hours with 300 lumens to a distance of 69 meters. The new Temporarily Heightened Regulated Output (THRO) feature built into the switch will momentarily increase that output to 1,000 lumens for 110 meters and last up to 35 seconds before returning back to the main output setting (this prevents power drain). It should be noted that the control switch has an internal power indicator for easy visual recognition on available battery charge.

The Wedge is available in Black (featured) and Coyote.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Average (3/5): Depending on retailer, the Streamlight Wedge can be found at a number of distributors between $80 (from Flashlight Depot), and $99 (at Cabela’s) depending on availability and model. The wedge brings together ergonomic design in an EDC-friendly aluminum chassis that will always be ready when needed. Consumers should take note to order only from trusted or direct distributors as counterfeits are always a risk when purchasing online. In contrast, the Surefire Stiletto ($99), the Fenix E35 ($69.95) from Fenix Lighting, and the Olight i5T EOS ($29.95) all show the variance in price among EDC pen lights, and while lumen output and design play a great deal in price, the Wedge offers an appropriate (or average) balance of function and cost.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, the Wedge fit into the hand similarly as a wide-tipped sharpie or thick highlighter, with a similar feel in heft. The aircraft-grade materials of the Wedge didn’t make it feel excessively weighty, nor unbalanced. Meanwhile, keeping it clipped inside the pocket for daily wear felt secure and at no point inadvertently poked or fell out. The rotating switch moved easily with little tension under the spring when pressing to the THRO setting, and when released returned to its normal setting. The lumens generated were comfortable for the eye and did not flood a room or confined space.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): With a housing made entirely from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Wedge had a durability level comparable to many market comparators. This ensured regardless of what gets knocked around against the light, or situation it is employed, the Wedge continued to hold a high-degree of impact resistance. Another feature tested was the glass (presumably Borofloat similar to that found in other Streamlight products) by striking it against a tabletop and magazines ten times. This neither impacted the ability of the Wedge to function nor damaged the front-end glass or the LED element. Some superficial marring was noted at the point of impact, but was merely cosmetic and did not penetrate to the lower base metal.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): Functionally there wasn’t much to the Wedge aside from its normal 300 lumen function, and the 1000 lumen THRO setting. The ability to quickly apply the THRO setting was a nice additive, although it would have been better if there had also been a selectable strobe feature for defensive purposes. The included visual battery status built inside the switch did provide immediate recognition on what power status was available and when it needed to be recharged. Moreover, the ability to switch the belt clip around and reverse the switch position did mean that the Wedge was a comfortable fit for left or right-handed individuals.
  • Weight – Good (3/5): Weighing in at a demure 3.3 ounces, the Wedge brought together the ability to serve as a handheld light, with a variable throw of up to 1,000 lumens, in just a very small and robust package. The reversible belt clip allowed for the Wedge to be easily attached inside the pocket or bag while its overall weight was neither distracting, off-balance, nor pulling on the pocket or belt. In contrast, the Surefire Stiletto (2.8 ounces), the Fenix E35 (2.36 ounces) from Fenix Lighting, and the Olight i5T EOS (2.12 ounces) all show that the Wedge is only slightly heavier that other market competitors (though that difference is probably less than people could perceive) and appropriate (or average) for the device and market.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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