ADM Optic Mounts: Solid and Functional

Using solid 6061 T6 aluminum, American Defense Manufacturing offers several different mount styles for rifle optics to include the Recon and Delta versions. These two popular types of mounts offer users a specific design based on their optic and unique preference.


The Recon comes in variable height-over-bore versions that can accommodate optics  with between 30mm and 40mm tube bodies, and with Objective Housings as large as 56mm.

The distinction for the Recon line of optic mounts is many include a 2” cantilever design specific to mounting optics on AR-patterned rifles. This places more large-bodied optics forward over the Delta Ring portion of the semi-automatic rifle, for a more appropriate eye-relief to the user.

Yet, the Recon mount itself is specifically designed around a vertical two-part, split ring approach whereby the base of the mount employs a horizontal pin and torque-screw to provide a solid connection and anchor the mount to the scope rings. Similarly, the top of the scope rings also uses horizontal torque-screws to further secure the optic.

On the bottom of the Recon mount are either ADM’s patented Quick Disconnect titanium throw levers, or picatinny rail-mount bolts. The QD levers themselves use a push-button locking mechanism, cross-bolt, and adjustable nut that allows for the mount to fit both spec and out-of-spec rail systems.

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Made of the same T6 aluminum material and T3 anodization as the Recon, the Delta style of mounts share many of the same design features and are intended for the SCAR/AR platforms. This includes variable height-over-bore versions that can accommodate optic Objective Housings as large as 56mm, and similar patented Quick Disconnect titanium throw levers, or picatinny rail-mount bolts.

The difference for the Delta series of optic mounts is that the mount body and bottom scope ring are formed from a single piece of aluminum material, with the top of the scope rings mounting to the bottom via horizontal torque-screw approach.

Both the Recon optic mount and Delta are available in Black (featured) and FDE, and range between 1” and 40mm ring sizes.

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Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Good (4/5): Depending on model and options selected, the Recon ($215) and the DELTA ($248-$258) both are constructed from the same 6061 T6 aluminum, a common material for many quality mounts and other accessories. The mounts are also made via direct CNC machining for a clean surface, thus there is no seam or mold markings, and both include locking QD throw levers to quickly attach/detach the mounts (and optic) to any MIL-STD-1913 rail. In contrast, similar mounts like the Badger Ordnance Condition One Modular Mount ($305) and the Geissele Super Precision ($350) represent some of the higher range of 1913 rails, with obviously much lower quality and inexpensive options also available. Thus for their price, in contrast to the materials and market, the Recon and DELTA are both of a good value for their cost.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, the adjustability of the QD throw levers to accommodate (re)sizing as the mount was being fitted to the rail, and finding a comfortable tension behind the QD Auto Lock’s spring all ensured a good, solid lock all resulted in a solid mount that allotted no excess movement in the overall optic. Otherwise, disassembly and reassembly of the mount components went smoothly, with screw threads lining up appropriately (though end-users to take care not to overtighten the components or risk damage).
  • Durability – Good (4/5): Both the Recon and DELTA were finished in the same T3 mil-spec anodization as other quality mounts which, over the course of several months and a number of iterations between changing out and usage on a full-length rifle and transport, neither mount showed no significant signs of wear aside from minor surface marring or minor tool marks from adjusting/removing the optics (none of which penetrated into the sub-surface aluminum). Moreover the locking mechanism and spring to the Auto Lock remained consistent once an appropriate size was identified, and continually retained tension.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): Functionally, where the Recon and DELTA differed was in how the mount itself assembled and secured the optic tube. The Recon, being a segmented vertical design, necessitated the lower screws be inserted and torqued correctly before applying pressure to the top. This fully locked the ring halves to the mount base. End-users should take care that if assembling the Recon and using the typical X-pattern to apply the screws, it resulted in a small gap between the rings and the base (something that is not optimal). ADM is aware of this, and it is documented in the Recon installation instructions to use the preferred method. In contrast, the DELTA was designed around the more traditional approach with the base mount and lower rings made from a single piece of material, then the top rings were brought over and secured horizontally via screws using the X-tightening pattern without issue. Otherwise, the Auto Lock mechanism provided a clear and tangible lock when the proper adjustment was made. For their solid design and performance, both the Recon and DELTA offered a good performance in function.
  • Weight – Average (3/5): Both the Recon and DELTA mounts have multiple variants to accommodate different height profiles and straight/cantilever designs. Thus, while there is some minor deviation in the overall amount of T6 aluminum used per mount, for the purposes of this review a MEDIUM height Recon (8.6 ounces) and DELTA (8.7 ounces) mount were weighed prior to mounting an optic. This put them both at an appropriate (or of average) weight against the Badger Ordnance Condition One Modular Mount (6.5 ounces) or the Geissele Super Precision (7.1 ounces), whereby the Recon/DELTA/s patented QD Auto Lock levers accounted for the few extra ounces, whereas those competitor mounts did not have those features.

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

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