Lightning X IFAK: Premium First Aid For All of Us

The Lightning X Spread Eagle Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) was introduced in 2019 as a premium, full-sized aid kit intended for civilian, law enforcement, rescue, or tactical users. It provides everything an individual could need in response from simple cuts, stabbings, or gunshot wounds.

Formally named the Spread Eagle Complete Tactical Gunshot & Trauma IFAK Kit (a.k.a. model LXPB35), the Spread Eagle IFAK is a clamshell design that uses dual zipper access to unfold and allow for rapid access to the critical medical components inside. It consists of double-layer 1000D Cordura throughout the IFAK for added reinforcement. The Spread Eagle IFAK also comes with a 1” x 1” medical PVC patch.


The front of the Spread Eagle IFAK features a quick access flap with laser cut, MOLLE-compatible spacing, and covered in (female) hook-and-loop fabric. The flap itself is secured up the front and over the top via an oversized zipper line on both sides, and when opened allows for it to fold out 180-degrees. At the end of the front flap is a reinforced loop, with an additional layer of folded-over nylon, that serves as the IFAK’s carrying handle. The top has an added security flap that connects under the front-facing flap for added security.

Both sides of the Spread Eagle IFAK have two bands of MOLLE webbing, and when opened fold out completely flat to the sides so as to maximize access.

The backpanel includes integrated MOLLE webbing with attached straps that secure via snap button, and enable the Spread Eagle IFAK to be mounted to any compatible system. At the top of the backpanel is a 1” loop for using with a carabiner or other hanging point.


The front flap of the Spread Eagle IFAK has a band of MOLLE webbing down its center that serves as the base by which an adjustable length of shock cord is then laced through it to give dual loops to hold smaller medical components.

On the interior of both sides and the backpanel are two elastic bands in front of storage sleeves that allow for organization of larger medical items.

On the interior of the top security flap is an elastic cuff that allows the IFAK to be hung while open and making all components readily accessible.

Specifications of Included Medical Items:

  • NAR Hyfin Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack Compact
  • NAR C-A-T Tourniquet Gen 7
  • Black Nitrile Tactical Gloves (2 pairs)
  • Israeli Military Pressure Bandage 4″
  • Compressed Krinkle Gauze
  • 4″ x 4″ Burn Dressing
  • 5″ x 9″ ABD Pad
  • Nasal Airway 28FR
  • QC Comb Gauze Z-Folded LE 3″ x 4yd
  • 5″ Emergency Trauma Shears
  • Emergency Survival Foil Blanket
  • 2″ Woven Elastic Bandage w/ Clips
  • 2″ Tactical Black Self-Adherent Gauze
  • 2″ Conforming Stretch Roll Gauze
  • 3″ Conforming Stretch Roll Gauze
  • 4″ Conforming Stretch Roll Gauze

The Spread Eagle IFAK measures 9″ (L) x 7″ (W) x 4.5″ (H) fully loaded and excluding the pull handle. It comes in Tan (featured), Black, or Red.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): As a premium medical pack, fully loaded with supplies, the Spread Eagle IFAK costs $129.99 which was less than comparable medical kits from North American Rescue ($135-$153), Imminent Threat Solutions (Fatboy + fill kit) ($193), or Dark Angel Trauma Kit ($219). All IFAKs have some similarities, but each offers its unique emphasis on medical components so all aspects should be considered.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Because of the number of medical items, the Spread Eagle was worn in a variety of configurations, but was most readily accessible when attached to either a range bag, backpack or plate carrier. It’s size negated the Spread Eagle as an individually worn IFAK off the belt. Feedback from Lightning-X confirmed the intended purpose of the Spread Eagle is best as a mount-style aid kit. The layout design of the Spread Eagle when opened readily displayed all medical items inside the carrier and the elastic bands, pockets, and shock cord put all of them within easy access. However, the mounting system (MOLLE straps woven through then secured with snap buttons) itself was somewhat antiquated and even when given a full field of MOLLE webbing there was still some play. If Lightning X were to improve one thing on this IFAK, it would be its mounting system.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The Spread Eagle is made from 1000D Cordura so it will outlast a significant amount of abrasion. Most IFAKs on the market trade off abrasion protection for flexibility by picking 500D or similar rated materials. The double layer of the front flap will help ensure adequate protection to the contents, and design actually resists external pressure that attempts to deform the IFAK when closed.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): The IFAK is a premium medical kit, and as such it had a lot of essential items (tourniquet, hemostatic, nasal airway, Israeli bandage) and a lot of items that were “luxuries” (blanket, gloves, burn seals, gauze, etc.). These are more aid elements that are nice to have during the secondary assessment, but did not relate to immediate life saying measures. The only problem noted from a functionality aspect were the zippers. They continually got hung up going over the curvature of the front flap, thus binding, and should be re-evaluated. The exterior hook-and-loop field was a nice additive in that it allowed for mounting any number of medical, identification, or morale patches to the front as well as thread other mounting panels or accessories.
  • Weight Average (3/5): With its included medical components, the Spread Eagle IFAK weighs approximately 1.13 pounds, or 11.3 ounces for just the carrier. Not an overburden of weight considering the amount of aid components included. In comparison; the NAR Operator IFAK weighs approximately 1.2 pounds, ITS Fatboy 1.1 pounds (depending on medical kit insert), and the Dark Angel D.A.R.K weighs approximately 1.1 pounds. But each also uses different medical components to complete their product, and should be considered as to how it best addresses your training and skill. Thus, the weight of the Spread Eagle IFAK is comparable to any number of IFAK kits and/or sleeves on the current market.

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

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