Micro Trauma Kit NOW! Immediate Aid When You Need It

Using a soft compression design to secure life saving items, the Micro Trauma Kit Now! (Micro TKN) by Blue Force Gear gives the user the ability to take an individual aid kit to any environment. The Micro TKN comes in two versions (MOLLE mount system, or with 2” belt loops) and is designed for single-hand deployment. The Micro TKN consists of a two-part system:

Exterior Pouch

The exterior pouch of the Micro TKN is composed of Blue Force Gear’s proprietary 500D Cordura and 10-Speed elastic technology with MOLLE attachment system. It also features a laser-cut medical cross in either an all-black panel, or a highly reflective/glow-in-the-dark that can be customized per preference.

Pull-Through Inner Sleeve

The inner sleeve is a center-fold design with Ball-Loaded Index Point (BLIP) pull-tab on either side, and is the main organizer for medical items. While the Micro TKN comes in two medial configurations (Advanced and Basic), for this review the Micro TKN used the Advanced components and included:

  • QuickClot Combat Gauze
  • HyFin Vent Chest Seal (2 seals included)
  • Cleer Medical Trauma Bandage 4” Flat Pack
  • Decompression needle
  • Six 2” x9” Frog Tape
  • Size 28 Nasopharyngeal Airway
  • Heavy Duty Medical Gloves in tan (1 pair)

With an overall size of 6” (L) x 3.5” (W) x 2.5” (D) the Micro TKN comes in Multicam (featured) Black, Coyote, OD Green, and Wolf Gray.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At an MSRP of $199.95 the Advanced configuration of the Mirco TKN is at a price point that is roughly equal to that of the components and materials in it. The Basic configuration is $129.95, while an empty Micro TKN is $69.95. In comparison to the rest of the available market with medical kits, it’s really a game of roulette—balancing what you want/have training on how to use vs. the cost.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Given the overall weight, the Micro TKN packs a large amount of immediate aid products into a compact, lightweight aid kit. This made it ideal for EDC use, mounted to a vehicle, or worn individually. It was a little tough to wiggle the sleeve into the exterior pouch, but manageable if you pack the components as described on the product’s webpage. It was nice that the design of the Micro TKN was horizontal along the belt line, rather than vertical and up into the back. This made sitting in a car while wearing it more comfortable than other Individual First Aid Kits. The choice of Cordura and the elastic components kept the Micro TKN soft and contoured that avoided creating hard pressure points.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The 500D Cordura and 10-Speed materials used in the overall design of the Micro TKN will help ensure a significant amount of longevity. In truth most folks will mount their aid kits and never touch them, so they just have to be able to mainly stand up to abrasion. Pulling on the BLIP tabs had a positive tangible feel, and it didn’t suffer from problems deploying the inner sleeve (getting it packed back into the exterior sleeve however was more challenging). All the medical components are one-time use, and come either individually sealed or packaged except for the latex gloves. It would have been preferred had the gloves come rolled/packaged.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): The functionality of the Micro TKN follows the mid-level of individual aid kits and provided some easy aid items, while others will require some degree of training on how to use. By design, the Micro TKN did not include a space dedicated to storing a tourniquet as Blue Force Gear has add-on pockets/holders (sold separately) that place the tourniquet within immediate direct access rather than stored. Other aid kits on the market exchange medical items like shears or a tourniquet, in lieu of including items like gloves or medical tape. A lot depends on what training the individual has and what medical items they are comfortable using. From a hands-on perspective the Micro TKN was well designed and stored all components in a secure manner that avoided accidental spillage. The mounting system was easy to use and remained secure throughout stressors.
  • Weight Good (4/5): A fully loaded Micro TKN with Advanced medical components weighs approximately 9.8 ounces, which is consistent with other medical kits on the current market to include the Micro IFAK by North American Rescue (7.5 ounces) and the Dark Angel Slim Trauma Kit (1.1 pounds).

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

Product Link: https://www.blueforcegear.com/micro-trauma-kit

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