Sentry Gunnar Belt: Low-Profile Flexability

Designed to give shooters a range belt that is adaptable and durable, the Gunnar™ Low-Profile Operator Belt by SENTRY offers a variety of configurations from competitive to professional use. When paired with SENTRY’s complete line of rifle, pistol, or medical pouches the results are a range belt for any environment.


Introduced in 2019, The SENTRY Gunnar™ belt is a two-part range belt that includes the inner and outer belt system (sold separately). Included in this review, but also sold separately, are two rifle magazine pouches, one pistol pouch, one shotgun pouch, and a tourniquet pouch. As with all SENTRY pouches, each is anchored to the Gunnar belt using Fight Light Malice Clips.


The Gunnar™ Low-Profile Operator Belt

Made from 1.75” high strength nylon webbing MIL-W4088 the Gunnar belt uses SENTRY’s high-strength laminate on the exterior to provide a MOLLE-style mounting system. This laminate in bartacked in 1” spacing and reinforced to provide maximum strength and durability. The belt uses an AustriAlpin Cobra™ Buckle and nylon belt to provide maximum security to the wearer. The interior of the Gunnar belt is lined with (female) hook-and-loop to match it to the corresponding Inner Belt.


The Gunnar™ Inner Belt

The Inner Belt is made in corresponding 1.75” high strength nylon webbing MIL-W17337 that doubles as an Every Day Carry belt. The inner belt is worn through the corresponding belt loops, and the cinch buckle with hook-and-loop provides easy adjustment. The outer side of the belt is lined with hook to marry up against the corresponding inner loop material of the Gunnar Belt. This gives the entire belt system a solid platform with no excessive movement.


SENTRY Magazine Pouches

Each SENTRY magazine pouch features multiple layers of fully laminated 1000D / 500D, high strength nylon for extended durability. They also include laser cut edging to prevent the material from fraying over time and with high use. SENTRY’s magazine pouch design eliminates seam tape giving you a slimmer profile on your battle belt or vest. On some variants, the exterior features SENTRY’s proprietary 1080-2 mounting system to provide a secure attachment point to stack or nest additional magazines pouches in any configuration. All magazine pouches feature shock cord retention with nylon pull-tabs; however, the stacked pistol and double rifle pouches use a fold-over flap secured via hook-and-loop.


SENTRY Tourniquet Pouch

There are three different kinds of tourniquet pouches (sold separately) offered by SENTRY. The first is a zippered tourniquet pouch that allows simple storage of a tourniquet and a few smaller medical items. The second is a Pop-Up tourniquet pouch (featured) that incorporates SENTRY’s innovative captured deployment system. By combining a hook and loop band with an internal Velcro strip it keeps the tourniquet presented on the Pop-Up tab. The third variant is Slim-Line tourniquet pouch which only fits a tourniquet.



  • Small ……..29” – 34”
  • Medium …34” – 39”
  • Large ……..37” – 42”
  • XLarge ……41” – 46”
  • 2XLarge ….45” – 50”

The Gunnar™ Low-Profile Operator Belt comes in Coyote (featured), Black, and Multicam. SENTRY notes sizing instructions on its website that individuals should not use their pant size when ordering a belt, but rather directly measure their waist of off of an existing belt and use those numbers to order appropriately.


Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): Featured in this review were a variety of SENTRY items necessary for a full range belt. The Gunnar Belt ($119.00), Inner Belt ($27.99), Single Pistol ($22.99), Single Rifle ($24.99), Shotgun ($36.99), and Pop-Up Tourniquet ($32.99) all are directly comparable to similar products from G-Code Holsters, but below market price for similar products from HSGI or Bravo Concealment. This places the SENTRY products in a good price for the current market available.
  • Comfort Average (3/5): The sizing of the Gunnar™ Low-Profile Operator Belt was very comfortable and fully adjustable at the Cobra Belt Buckle to accommodate the variety of configurations used. The MOLLE-style mounting system allowed for fully customized and comfortable arrangement of pouches and holster (not included). Unfortunately, the sizing of the inner belt ran a little on the small side, and not specifically to the length itself but the amount of available hook-and-loop to use it as an EDC belt. The waist measurement utilized during this review was for a 38” waist on a MEDIUM sized inner belt, which worked well as a stand-alone belt. But it was at the maximum length of available hook-and-loop for adjustment. If you were to add in an IWB or appendix holster, knife, or other accessory you’d exceed that limit and thus negate its ability as an EDC belt. It would be recommended to SENTRY that while keeping the sizing length, extend the hook-and-loop field of adjustment for the inner belt to accommodate it as a true EDC belt.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The SENTRY Gunnar™ belt and associated pouches were all made from the same nylon/nylon laminate 1000D / 500D material that, combined with the Cobra belt buckle, gave the total system its increased durability. Extensive bartack stitching throughout the length of the MOLLE-style webbing ensured each pouch was well secured. It was an added bonus that SENTRY cuts down on the volume of seam tape stitching as this helped to alleviate bulk, and some excess weight in the pouches. Perhaps the biggest detriment to the overall durability of the Gunnar™ belt will be the choice of MALICE clips and shock cordage, although even that will likely be more a long-term concern as the plastic ages, or the securing tab or elastic bands wear.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): Taking the total functionality of the Gunnar™ belt system (inner/outer belts and associated pouches, materials and hardware) the functionality of the system is average in comparison to other market alternatives. Other brands, such as from G-Code are comparable in design and cost, while others are offering basically the same product type at slightly above SENTRY’s price point. It was nice to see the option of functionally mounting pistol magazines horizontal or vertical as often many vendors stay within the standard vertical configuration. The low-profile aspect of the overall system was enjoyable as the market has moved away from legacy thick “battle belts” as consumers try to blend both tactical and IMG_8322practical applications. All pouches maintained positive control of the magazines, ammunition, or medical items despite multiple stressors (sprints and lunges). Because of how the MOLLE-style webbing is spaced, in conjunction to the width of the MALICE clips, there was a little wobble of the pouches once mounted on the belt, something I think SENTRY could eliminate by looking at newer mounting systems, such as First Spear’s 6/12 mounting system, that would improve the overall product. It would have been preferred if the outer Gunnar™ belt held more rigidity to it (by perhaps adding a polymer core or other method similar to other vendors) so as to maintain its support, but that would have added some additional weight to the overall belt.
  • Weight Good (4/5): In its evaluated configuration (Gunnar™ inner/outer belts, two rifle and one pistol magazine pouch, and a tourniquet pouch) the overall system weighed just an amazingly 1.8 pounds. This makes the Gunnar™ one of the lightest complete range belt systems on the current market thanks to its chosen design and weight-limiting nylon laminate. If SENTRY does revise the Gunnar™ system, then it could do so by addressing the noted items in comfort and functionality without sacrificing the belt’s lightweight aspect to a significant degree (and still keep it comparable to other market alternatives).

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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