Propper Range Bag: For a Light Day On The Range

For some light pistol work at the range or working long distance rifle, the Range Bag by Propper offers a light-to-moderate bag that will allow you to carry all the daily essentials, protected and compartmentalized, for either the range or trail.

Introduced in 2015, the Range Bag by Propper represent the vendor’s efforts to provide a step above its Bail Out Bag in terms of size, while focusing explicitly on supporting a shooter’s efforts on the range. Manufactured overseas, the Range Bag is made from 100% polyester and the exterior and bottom are padded on all four sides for maximum protection. On the front, the Range Bag has a three-sided zippered pocket with two sleeve pockets on the outside, and six pistol magazine sleeves and corresponding mesh pocket on the interior.

One side of the Range Bag features four bands of MOLLE webbing on the exterior of a zippered pouch, and the opposite corresponding side consists of a large sleeved pocket. The rear of the Range Bag has another three-sided zippered pocket on which is a (female) hook-and-loop field for name tabs or morale patches, and two bands of MOLLE webbing. Inside the rear pocket is a zippered mesh pocket, and a (female) hook-and-loop field. Additionally, a rubberized, removable gun mat can attach to the inside lid of the rear pocket that provides a stable and convenient work space for handguns.

The main compartment of the Range Bag is accessible from the top of the bag via a three-sided flap secured via zipper with rubberized pull-stings. The interior has contrasting, high-visibility colors with (female) hook-and-loop panels on two sides for the included interior dividers. On either end of the top are anchoring nylon loops with plastic hardware that connects into the removable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap itself has an adjustable pad, and one plastic carabiner on either end. The Range Bag carrying handles also have a hook-and-loop cuff that allows them to be joined for an alternative carrying method.

The Range Bag is available in OD Green (featured), and Black. Overall it measures 10″ (H) x 15″ (W) x 9″ (D), otherwise considered 1350 cubic inches of storage. It comes with a removable hook-and-loop organizer, and a removable padded shoulder strap that is secured to the top of the Range Bag at two plastic D-Rings at the top of the bag.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At an MSPR of $59.95 the Range Bag is at an average cost for the amount and type of materials used. The overall product is made from polyester, vice Cordura, and thus the market cost is lower than other range bags made from higher-grade material.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): The Range Bag had a good amount of comfort when fully loaded, if a bit bulky. The compartments were designed around a rectangular/box type pattern, so the more items added, the more it stuck out (if worn from the shoulder strap) from the body. The shoulder pad was minimally padded and had no rubberized surface on the bottom to provide traction. While unrelated to Comfort of the wearer, the padded sides of the Range bag (including the bottom) ensured all items were adequately protected. The carrying handle cuff had a good amount of padding
  • Durability – Fair (2/5): The Range Bag, while having a great design with good functionality, only had a fair level of durability due to choices made in its design. Discussions with Propper did confirm the intent of the Range Bag was to offer support to (via magazines, ammo, accessories) a single handgun and essentials (ear/eye protection, targets, timer, etc.) for a single day on the range. The Range Bag was not designed to carry multiple handguns, nor excessive amounts of ammunition for extended durations. As such, the anchoring points of the shoulder strap bear no evidence of reinforced stitching (despite bartack stitching on MOLLE IMG_6750webbing and stress points on pockets) or X-pattern reinforcement (as found at the base of the carrying handles). The hardware (carabiner clip and corresponding triangular ring) were likewise also plastic. It would be recommended to Propper to couch the product description on their website by warning against overloading the Range Bag and the risks in doing so. Another problem observed on the submitted Range Bag was a misaligned stitching line that supported the zipper to the front pocket, likely a simple QC issue that could be easily remedied if desired. If Propper does redesign the Range Bag (which it should since it does offer good features) it could improve the durability of this product by choosing 500D Cordura or other materials that could improve its abrasion resistance and durability.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): As previously noted, the Range Bag had a good level of functionality in its design. The two-tone colors of the main compartment gave the interior a high level of visibility when looking for items inside. The front pocket with pistol magazine sleeves ensured their bulk were separate from taking up space in the main compartment, and the rear fold-out gun mat was a nice perk. It would have been a good addition to have several rifle sleeves on the exterior, similar to the Propper Bail Out Bag, that would have given the Range Bag that added functionality. The main compartment dividers helped insure good compartmentalization for necessary range items. Care needs to be exercised in not overloading the pack as it clearly can hold more than it should (as evident by customer reviews who overload it with multiple handguns and extensive ammo).
  • Weight Average (3/5): At 3.55 pounds (empty) total, the Range Bag is fairly lightweight due to its chosen material type. However, the weight changed drastically as more items were added and invariably effected the overall load on the bag as well. It should be noted that the shoulder strap is likely only able to sustain a light-to-mid weight, but after that if loading multiple pistols and corresponding ammo one should use the carrying handles instead.

Overall Rating – Average (16/25)

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