Propper Bail Out Bag: Rapid Response On the Go

Designed for rapid deployment and flexibility, the Propper Bail Out Bag offers a modern take on a way to pack for a short-term contingency.

Initially introduced during the Korean War by soldiers preparing “bail out” positions, packs were put together that were meant to sustain individuals 12-24 hours until they could get to a position or point of greater support. These packs became known as Bail Out Bags (BOBs). Today the concept of BOBs has expanded to include packs specific to a purpose, such as Boom Bags, 72-hour packs, or first responder/active shooter bags.

Specifications for the Propper Bail Out Bag

The Propper Bail Out Bag is 100% 600D Cordura and features two, full-sized access compartments (one wide, one thin) – both featuring a full panel of hook-and-loop in the interior, but the larger compartment also features a full panel of MOLLE webbing as well. This allows customization of the internal compartments to any pocket, holster, or pouch with the associated mounting system. Both compartments are secured via zippers using 550 cord with rubberized tubing.

On the BOB’s exterior, one side is completely lined with three bands of MOLLE webbing and one panel of hook-and-loop the entire length of the bag. On the other side are three AR-15 magazine pouches with elastic slide adjusters that will accommodate up to six magazines (two per pouch) and secured via hook-and-loop. The BOB features two side pockets; one mesh with an elastic enclosure band and the other with a zippered enclosure (using a 550 cord drawstring) and exterior MOLLE webbing.

The entire bag measures 11″ length, 5″ deep, and 9″ in height. It has five drainage grommets and is carried via a single padded shoulder strap with two plastic carabiner clips and anchored at two plastic D-rings. The Propper Bail Out Bag comes in Coyote (featured) and black.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At $34.99 the Propper Bail Out Bag is nicely priced for its size, features, and materials. I do think however given the market for similar BOBs, some improvements could be made with minimal impact to the overall cost of the product, such as reinforced hardware.
  • Comfort Fair (2/5): Fully loaded, the BOB resembles, and feels like it looks – a large square slung over your shoulder. While you can’t overload it weight-wise, if worn while deploying a carbine the pack does not contour to the body effectively and is only secured via a single shoulder strap. Additionally, I would have liked to have seen the underside of the shoulder pad rubberized for added grip. Access to the compartments and magazines was easy as the zippers felt smooth and the hook-and-loop was secure.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The 600D Cordura of the bag is on par with other similar priced BOBs on the market. The choice of material will ensure abrasion resistance and longevity regardless if the BOB is used on the range, in a patrol car, or personal vehicle. I do question the choice of using plastic for the carabiner and D-ring hardware, because it feels flimsy in relation to the weight of a fully loaded bag and its potential operational environment (one where it is supporting law enforcement and getting tossed around while worn or pulled at by vegetation). Other patrol bags and smaller dump bags do use similar plastics in their hardware, but as a BOB you want that added durability to key points.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): The design of this bag as a “Bug Out Bag” implies one (by nature of position or duty) regularly carries, or has immediate access to a carbine, such as a patrol officer or sheriff would. With the dedicated magazine pockets, and plenty of MOLLE webbing, the BOB has a large array of functionality for LEOs or members of the military looking for an active shooter or first response bag. However, from the standpoint of civilian application then this BOB would be better suited as a small range bag.
  • Weight Good (4/5): Weighing in at less than a pound, the BOB’s relatively small size and choice of materials help ensure the overall weight is minimal. Your ability to add weight is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that there are no carry handles so all the added weight will be on your shoulder.

Overall Rating – Above Average (17/25)

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