Emdom Pouches: For All the Accessories

Offering a variety of pouches to fill the need to any battle belt, Emdom USA offers several of the most popular pouch types needed for users be it on the range, or in the field. With many designed in partnership with Military Morons, the pouches by Emdom USA are made from materials that offer extensive durability and maximize overall function.

Dump Pouch

Made from 1000D Cordura, the semi-rigid Dump Pouch is a pleated, medium pouch that extends to an overall dimension of 9” (H) x 7” (W) x 3″ (D) when opened. The pouch itself is hung below the beltline for ease of access by a rigid HDPE panel that also prevents excess movement and sag off the belt. When stowed, the Dump Pouch is secured to the rigid mounting panel with a snap button closure.

At the opening, the Dump Pouch has a removable half-cover lid that maintains the rectangular shape of the opening, while giving some measure of security to any potential contents. In addition, the opening lip of material around the Dump Pouch also has an integrated band of HDPE to further retain the opening for ease of access in extreme situations.

The overall pleated pouch allows for expansion of bulky or otherwise odd-sized items. At the bottom of the Dump Pouch is a single drainage grommet.

At the rear of the Dump Pouch is a MOLLE-compatible field that attaches to associated fields on belts via MALICE clips or other retention bands.

The Dump Pouch is available in a variety of colors to include; Multicam (featured), Black, SDU Grey, and other custom colors.

Product Link: https://www.emdomusa.com/Emdom-MM-Dump-Pouch-p/eu021a.htm

Box Medical Glove Pouch

In this age of COVID and pandemic concerns, Emdom has developed a belt accessory that is ideal for carrying and securing medical gloves while on the rage or in the field. And let’s be honest, in this pandemic state of affairs, it’s just good practice to carry gloves with you as part of your EDC. Made for first responders, the Box Medical Glove Pouch is made from 1000D Cordura for maximum abrasion resistance with an overall dimension of 4″ (H) x 3″ (L) x 1.5″ (D).

At the front the Box Medical Glove Pouch features a wide, overlapping, two layer elastic nylon flap that allows the user to draw one glove at a time. This prevents other gloves inside the pouch to become contaminated by the environment, while still keeping them within easy access. The interior space of the Box Medical Glove Pouch can hold up to 15 pairs of gloves.

On the rear of the pouch is a dual-use ambidextrous mounting system that includes a MOLLE field for MALICE clips or other mounting measures. In addition, under the MOLLE field is a hook-and-loop lined tunnel that allows for up to a 2.75” belt to be passed through and securely attached.

The Box Medical Glove Pouch is available in a variety of colors to include; Multicam (featured), Black, SDU Grey, and other custom colors.

Product Link: https://www.emdomusa.com/Emdom-BOX-Medical-Glove-Pouch-p/eu223.htm

6o4 Multi-Pistol Magazine Pouch

In an effort to minimize space while still providing immediate access to additional magazines, Emdom teamed up with Military Morons to design a multi-use magazine pouch. Made from a combination of 1000D Cordura, elastic nylon, and Type 13 webbing, the 6o4 pouch is designed to hold six single stack .45 magazines or four double stack magazines securely and be ready at a moment’s notice.

From the front, the 6o4 has two Cordura pouches that have external elastic band to maintain the retention of magazines. The pouches are secured by hook-and-loop flaps.  Flaps are adjustable in length and can be removed for direct access. If desired, the flaps can also be self-retained by simply doubled over and secured by the hook-and-loop Velcro sewn at the inner side of the flap.

Inside each pouch is an internal elastic divider which offers retention of rear magazines when the front magazine is drawn. An additional layer of nylon is sewn at the top of the elastic divider to protect it against abrasion during the holstering of magazines. The internal elastic divider works in conjunction with the external elastic band to provide the optimum retention for a variety of magazine types and combinations. The 6o4 can accommodate two double-stack magazines on each side, or three single-stack on each side.

On the rear of the 6o4 are three bands of nylon that make a MOLLE-compatible field. The bands of nylon are slightly spaced to facilitate ease of threading MALICE clips, or other types of retention to associated panels.

The 6o4 pouch is available in a variety of colors to include; Multicam (featured), Black, SDU Grey, and other custom colors.

Product Link: https://www.emdomusa.com/Emdom-MM-6o4-Multi-Pistol-Magazine-Pouch-p/eu060a.htm

Emdom Gadget Pouch

The Gadget Pouch is one of those universal “catch-all” pouches that often finds a home either on a battle belt of plate carrier. They allow storage of keys, notebooks, and other mission essentials at a nearby reach. The design offered by Emdom USA has an overall dimension of 4” (H) x 5.5 “(W) x 2” (D) and made dominantly from 1000D Cordura for maximum abrasion resistance.


At the front is a zipper-secured accessory pocket for identification cards, security badges, or other flat-based items. The shuttle to the zipper has a paracord pull tab with plastic endcap. On the front exterior is a 3.5” (L) x 2” (H) hook-and-loop field for morale or identification patches.

On the left side are two sets of Type 13 nylon webbing that allow for threading items like pens or shears, or a top nylon loop to pass a carabiner through. A dual-shuttle zipper runs the length of the top and right side that allows a roomy L-shaped access to the Gadget Pouch’s interior. Again, the zipper pull tabs are paracord with a plastic endcap. The bottom and left sides also include integrated foam to help maintain an L-shaped structure to the overall pouch and prevent the pouch from collapsing unnecessarily.

The rear of the Gadget Pouch features an interesting mounting matrix that allows the pouch be mounted vertically (by MALICE Clips) or horizontally (by the two build-in snap straps) on a MOLLE surface or on a belt (up to 2.75” wide). In addition, there is a second nylon loop to pass a carabiner or other item through.


The Gadget Pouch has a folder-type opening, with an interior lined with Dri-Lex fabric to minimize moisture penetration. On one side of the interior is a hook-and-loop secured envelope pocket, while the other has a top paracord loop for securing keys or other type of lanyard objects. This makes the pouch ideal for storing sensitive electronics or other items.

The Gadget Pouch is available in a variety of colors to include; Multicam (featured), Black, SDU Grey, and other custom colors.

Product Link: https://www.emdomusa.com/Emdom-Gadget-Pouch-p/eu087a.htm

For the purposes of this evaluation, a Safariland 7385 holster and belt by Elite Survival Systems was also utilized, but not part of the assessed score. 

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): Taken for their individual components, each pouch by Emdom USA represents a large degree of development to bring functional pouches to the user’s belt. Each is dominantly made from Cordura for maximum durability and has a cost as follows:
    • Dump Pouch: $52.99
    • Box Medical Glove Pouch: $31.99
    • 6o4 Multi-Pistol Magazine Pouch: $44.99
    • Gadget Pouch: $45.99

Overall the price for accessory pouches varies as much on its design as vendor. For instance, the T3 Dump Pouch ($49) and Raptor Tactical Dump Pouch ($50) are directly comparable, but both offer some variance in design. Elsewhere, most medical glove pouches ($14-$18) are simple envelope-style pouches that don’t offer the control or carrying volume as Emdom’s. The 6o4 Multi-Pistol Magazine and Gadget pouches are both on par with other similar pouches that fulfill comparable roles. In summation, while the market has a wide array of pouches, Emdom USA’s are appropriately (or of average) price point within it.

  • Comfort Good (4/5): As far as the comfort of its various pouches, Emdom went the extra distance to ensure that the areas of each pouch that experienced continual tactical touch, such as pouch edges and corners, were finished with binding tape and avoided excess abrasion against the skin. Furthermore, the option of 1000D Cordura for most of the material ensured maximum abrasion resistance to the overall integrity of the pouch, while still being somewhat pliable to retain shape and not be overly ridged. Of note, the Dump Pouch had a comfortable hanger that lowered the opening to below the belt-line that aided in driving magazines into the pouch quickly and easily. Similarly, the glove pouch had a nice elastic enclosure that not only retained the gloves through dynamic movement, but in the draw of gloves as well. For both the mag and gadget pouches, the enclosure (hook-and-loop and YKK zipper) either held securely or ran smoothly. In all, for their use and design, the various pouches held a good level of function comfort and usage.
  • DurabilityExcellent (5/5): Emdom opted to use 1000D Cordura for most of the pouches reviewed. This type of nylon worked well, given its high-degree of abrasion resistance, and during dynamic movements the pouches held up excellently. This performance was also most likely attributed to the extensive use of bartack and over-threading along edges and high-stress points that added strength to the pouch itself. Emdom further strengthened high-use pouches, such as the dump pouch with its rigid plastic backer that ensured the pouch itself didn’t sag or pull away. Likewise, the double mag pouch had Type 13 webbing as its cover flat that ensured hard edges of magazine base pads didn’t cut or fray the material regardless of how tightened down they were made. In all, the pouches reviewed were all excellent in durability due to reinforcement and design.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally all the pouches performed as intended. The concern with the dump pouch was that it may hang down too low because of its lowered opening off the belt, but in fact it was quite comfortable (but noticeable when loaded with mags and in sprints) and the user may find themselves not having to over-reach behind them to drive the magazine home inside the pouch. The drop pouch’s removable enclosure flap also helped to ensure magazines didn’t inadvertently tumble out during more dynamic movements. Both the medical glove and gadget pouch gave a low enough profile off the belt to be unobtrusive, but were readily at hand when needed. This remained the case when the pouches were moved off the belt and onto a plate carrier, although more so with the gadget pouch as it was easily mounted in either horizonal or vertical position. The only exception to this was the Multi-Magazine Pouch, which when fully loaded with four double-stack magazines did have a significant profile off the belt or carrier (as was expected). This minor consideration was offset though by the Multi-Mag Pouch’s ability to carry both single and double stack magazines securely and allowed the user to utilize either type of firearm while taking up less MOLLE space on a belt or carrier. Overall, all pouches were readily within reach and functioned easily and as expected.
  • Weight Good (4/5): For the most, Emdom’s choice of using 1000D Cordura only added minimal weight over similar pouches made of lesser material. As such, for what was gained over those alternatives, the increase in weight for the 1000D was extremely minimal. As such, the evaluated pouches weighed in at:
    • Dump Pouch: 7 ounces (with MALICE clips)
    • Box Medical Glove Pouch: 1.6 ounces (empty)
    • 6o4 Multi-Pistol Magazine Pouch: 3 ounce (w/o clips)
    • Gadget Pouch: 5 ounce (w/o clips)

In contrast, the comparable T3 Dump Pouch (7.84 ounces) whereas the Raptor Tactical Dump Pouch (5.10 ounces) illustrate that volume of material and reinforcement are indeed factors to weight—even by as little as ounces. Otherwise the Medical Glove and Gadget Pouch were on par with the minimal weight of other market alternatives. The one odd-ball of the evaluated pouches was the weight of the Multi-Pistol Magazine Pouch—which was simply because there are few comparable multi-use pistol magazine pouches on the market (something that makes this pouch rather unique). Many are either singular in their use (four or more single stack, or just two double magazines only) and thus the weight was somewhat heavier because of the larger volume of material needed. The ability of the Multi-Pistol Magazine Pouch to incorporate both while still keeping a minimal weight only added to the overall score of all pouches being of reasonable (or good) weight within the market.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

Product Link: https://www.emdomusa.com/default.asp

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