Black Scorpion Punisher Response Bag: When You Need to Grab and Go

Regardless of the situation, the Punisher Response Bag (PRB) by Black Scorpion Outdoor Gear is a purpose-built Bail Out Bag (BOB) from the ground up that supports the user in any situation.

Introduced circa 2014, the quality of the PRB’s materials and messenger-bag design help ensure critical items are within reach and well secured. The PRB is built using 1000D nylon that gives it a significant level of resistance to any abrasion. It can be worn crossbody as a shoulder bag, or converted to an around-the-waist belt style.


At the front, the PRB features three, double rifle magazine pouches that are secured via a fold-over flap affixed with hook-and-loop. Each pouch also has a drainage grommet and an elastic cuff for added flexibility and retention. The far-left pouch cover also features a small (female) hook-and-loop panel for identification patches. The far-right features an embroidered Black Scorpion PVC patch.

Both sides of the PRB have a zipper-secured accessory pocket measuring 7” (H) x 5” (W) x 3” (D), with a full MOLLE field on the exterior. The zippers open 2/3 the height of the pocket to allow for it to be folded over when open.

On the back, the PRB has an extensive aero-mesh pad that not only provides comfort, but assists in moisture wicking. Also included on the reverse is a loop to help attach the PRB to a belt (not included).

An adjustable strap is connected through the corners and is secured using a UTX Duraflex Buckle. This allows the PRB to convert from a cross-body carrying style to an around-the-waist belt. Also included on the strap is a 9” (L) x 3.5” (W) removable shoulder pad to add additional comfort to the PRB while worn.


The main compartment of the PRB is secured with a 12” YKK zipper that provides access to the interior storage space throughout the length of the bag. The zipper includes two sliders with paracord that allow you to secure the main compartment from either side. The main compartment’s interior has a full-length MOLLE field on one side of the pocket, and gives the PRB compatibility with accessories using the same mounting system.

A secondary CCW pocket is located just behind the main compartment, and is also secured via YKK zippers with attached paracord. The CCW pocket is lined with felt to allow for mounting of hook-and-loop style holsters or to protect its contents.


  • 1000D Nylon
  • YKK zipper
  • UTX Duraflex Buckle
  • HK-style key hook

The PRB measures 14″ (L) x 8″ (H) x 4″ (W) overall and is only available in Black.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): At $49.99 the Punisher Response Bag costs more than the Propper BOB ($34.99) but below the 5.11 BOB 9L ($59.99) or BDS Tactical BOB ($160). Really it comes down to both design and materials as both have a direct correlation to price. In the instance of the Black Scorpion Gear PRB, the price is good considering the item is constructed of abrasion resistant 1000D nylon (which is higher than most BOBs) and has genuine YKK zippers, and its price isn’t inhibitive to the broader public.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): The messenger-bag, crossbody style of the PRB was amazingly comfortable, even when fully loaded. It was however, a bit bulky and uncomfortable when worn around the waist due to lack of padding/material on the strap itself, but could be worn so if desired. The aero-mesh fabric of the back panel helped in improving airflow around the backpanel and provided some level of moisture wicking while worn on the range. The genuine YKK zippers felt smooth and functioned without any problems. The overall nylon of the PRB was flexible and contoured well to the curvature of the body.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): Short-term use of the PRB showed the 1000D nylon was very durable to normal wear-and-tear, on the range or supporting competition. It carried a variety of essential items, even to the point of overloading the bag. There is most likely a limit to the weight the PRB’s nylon can carry however, and seemed designed around the purpose of supporting a single handgun, accessories, and magazines for a single carbine. Extensive bartack stitching was noted on pull tabs, magazine flaps, MOLLE fields, and the shoulder strap base. The PRB also functioned well as a Vehicle BOB and EDC bag that further demonstrated its resistance to overall wear.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): While the PRB was clearly intended to be a Range IMG_8538Bag/BOB; it easily doubled as an EDC Bag carrying daily essentials/lunches/drinks, or as a Vehicle BOB for compartmentalized tools with attach MOLLE accessories. For its reviewed purpose, the PRB easily accommodated six rifle magazines and made them readily accessible in either crossbody configuration or around the waist. The only drawback noted was the hook-and-loop field for rifle magazines left only a small amount of material to secure the flap when fully loaded with six magazines, and could be improved by adding a larger/extended field. When worn, the CCW pouch was readily accessible, but hook-and-loop would have been preferred in securing the closure vice a zipper to allow for immediate access.
  • Weight Average (3/5): Weighing in at 1.75 pounds the PRB is slightly heavier than the Propper BOB (1 pound) likely due to the differences in heavier denier, but only slightly heavier than the 5.11 9L BOB (1.4 pounds) and nearly identical to the BDS BOB (1.8 pounds) both of which are closer in design and materials. Thus, due to the quantity and quality of the nylon involved, the weight of the PRB is average considering its place within the market as an immediate deployment bag and a variety of alternatives.

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

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