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With a nod to Internet privacy, I am an Army combat veteran. I served in the military for eight years throughout the world to include stations in Georgia (twice), Korea, Texas, and Arizona. I have served three tours in Iraq, and three in Afghanistan, for a combination of over three years in overseas service. It has been the distinct honor of my life to serve with some of the greatest individuals and units in our armed forces – and those whom have worn or wear the uniform will continue to have my respect.

Today I am an avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment and fan of shooting sports, tactical gear, and all around range time. My political ideologies tend to independent Libertarian because I prefer to assess all the information and formulate my own opinion, vice being told what to think from the Ministry of Propaganda (i.e. news agencies). My hope is that by promoting my views and information here, it will inform as many as possible to formulate their own opinions and began asking serious questions.

What Goes Into a Product?

Throughout April we will be featuring a series of articles that examine some of the more commonly found elements to shooting gear; cordura, kydex, and hardware. The goal will be to better […]

Interview with USCCA Sales Manager

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Outside Sales Manager, Jacob Smith. New to the area but from the Saint Louis community, Jacob represents […]

Developmental Drills: 3-7s Drill by Tier 1

Developed by Tier 1 Concealed as the first in their Teir 1 Concealed Standards (T1CS) series, the 3-7s Drill forces you to balance accuracy, speed, transitions, and throttle control. It is recommended shooters […]

Sig Days at Range STL West

Today I attended the annual Sig Days at the Range Saint Louis West, where I was able to finally put hands-on all of Sig Sauer’s product line (or at least most of […]

Till Valhalla: Annual Silkies Ruck for the Fallen

The 2019 date for the Till Valhalla ruck march has been announced! On May 18th at 0900, an oft assortment of people from around Saint Louis and beyond will come together to […]

Developmental Drill: 5 x 5 Drill by Bill Wilson

Developed by Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat, the 5 x 5 Drill is intended to test your speed and accuracy against an established time ranking. While the 10 yard drill calls for […]

Spartan 300: Only 61 Slots Remain!

If you’ve been putting off registering for the WSRC Spartan 300 match – DON’T! As of this post, only 61 slots remain for the event. If you want to get in on […]

Range Day: 8 Mar 2019

Today was still about knocking the dust off from winter – second outing since the snow finally started melting. Working on trying different configurations to an SO Tech Tactical bag, as well […]

Review Posted: SOFLETE Shooter Programming

Amid its various strength-based programming, the performance gurus at SOFLETE have developed a shooting program that offers individuals a wide array of improving one’s performance with firearms (to include concealed carry, carbine, […]

Developmental Drill: Baer Solutions (Pistol & Carbine)

Baer Solutions is a direct firearms instructional group and consulting firm owned and operated by former SOF member Drew Estell. Based in Clarksville, Tenessee it is unlikely we will ever see Baer […]

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