Prym1 Camo: Next GEN Patterns for Tomorrow’s Environment

As concealment patterns have moved off of traditional military-esk patterns (Tiger Stripe, BDU, ACU, or Multicam/Scorpion), to civilian Realtree, then Kryptec—the patterns often blended a tactical need with more practical applications in hunting or other outdoor activities. But one limiting factor has always been the limited environment in which a single pattern can be applied. Prym1 is now offering its own take on true “hybrid” camouflage that take patterns beyond the “stick and leaf” or blobish shapes to true dynamic camouflage that is applicable across a wide array of environments.


world-cup-camo-finalsDubbed Champion of UF Pro’s “2018 Camo World Cup” Prym1 defeated a field of fierce competition to become the elected finalist. It won by submitting its new hybrid color swatches that are professionally designed to be applicable across multiple environments—an industry first. The patterns, developed by wildlife artist Stacie Walker in 2015, rely on mimicking the depth, colors, shadows, highlights and organic shapes found on apex predators in nature giving rise to Prym1’s motto “I am the Predator”. And while the camouflage maker has been producing hunting patterns since 2015, with the UF Pro win, Prym1 has plans in the works for the tactical market and products using those patterns in the very near future.

As demonstrative to Prym1’s patterns, it has lent its Woodland and Multi-Purpose design to a startup overseas manufacturer as a testbed for civilian and tactical application. The results are as follows:


Developed as a concealment solution for wooded terrain, the Woodland pattern is a non-directional, hybrid camouflage using “organic, varying shapes rather than sticks and leaves” that mask any potential pattern amongst the vegetation. The basis being that light diffuses through the woodland regardless of season. The Woodland pattern gives the hunter maximum versatility while moving amongst the terrain by diffusing their larger silhouette.


Built from the ground up to be the most versatile, all-season camouflage the Multi-Purpose pattern gives the hunter the broadest environmental application possible. Using “lighter tones with subtle hints of organic browns and greens” the Multi-Purpose allows for longer stand-off distances across a larger variety of terrain.

Prym is available at its local distributor Spectre Holsters, LLC.

For more information on Prym1’s camo, visit


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