Month: October 2019

Developmental Drill: 1 Through 5 VTAC Drill

Developed by former Special Operations member and VTAC cadre Kyle Lamb, the “1 Through 5 Drill” is intended to push a shooter’s ability to rapidly engage targets, transitions, and basic fundamentals. While […]

Review Posted: The Bolt Bag: Concealed Readiness

Designed from the West Coast crew at Trident Tactical Technical (T3) to fit the role of a low-profile Bail Out Bag (BOB), the “Bolt Bag” gives the user rapid deployability of any […]

Review Posted: ProTac Rail Mount HL-X: Turn Night Into Day

Designed as a dedicated long gun light, the ProTac Rail Mount HL-X by Streamlight offers an affordable and durable light for rifles or carbines. Introduced in 2017 for shooters in a professional, […]

Review Posted: The Spear Chest Rig: Built For The Heavy Carry

Designed by Trident Tactical Technical (T3), the “Spear” Chest Rig will provide the user with an adaptable platform that serves as a stand-alone chest rig, or to augment a preferred plate carrier. […]

Review Posted: The HANS Backpack: With Mission And Purpose

Designed as a light day or assault backpack, the HANS by Trident Tactical Technical (T3) offers the user a unique way to carry accessories, a ballistic helmet, or keep mission critical equipment […]

Prym1 Camo: Next GEN Patterns for Tomorrow’s Environment

As concealment patterns have moved off of traditional military-esk patterns (Tiger Stripe, BDU, ACU, or Multicam/Scorpion), to civilian Realtree, then Kryptec—the patterns often blended a tactical need with more practical applications in […]

Review Posted: American Classic Double Rifle Case: Keeping It All Safe

AAvailable in multiple lengths and colors to accommodate rifles of different lengths, the American Classic Double Rifle Case by Savior Equipment provides extensive padding and features to keep your high-dollar rifles safe […]

Review Posted: The Geronimo 2 Plate Carrier: Comfort and Purpose

Designed by the West Coast Frogmen over at Trident Tactical Technical (T3), the Geronimo 2 Plate Carrier is an evolution over its predecessor in that it offers T3’s flexibility and comfort, while […]

Review Posted: Savior Equipment Mobile Arsenal Backpack: For Competitors and Training

Building off the past success of its Savior Equipment Mobile Arsenal (SEMA) backpack, in 2019 Savior Equipment released a Compact variant of the same bag that was 30% lighter, but retains the […]

Red Oktober: Came For the Fun, Left With the Win!

Admittedly I came to World Shooting and Recreational Complex not expecting a lot. I registered for my first year at the Red Oktober: Retaliation match for Juggernaut and SOG, both tactical divisions […]

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