Developmental Drill: RE Factor Series 1

silhouette-targets-pdf-targetsilhouetteThis month’s 1 of 3 Developmental Drills comes from the good folks over at RE Factor. Back in 2016 they posted several drills that aid in target acquisition, weapon manipulation and transition, sight picture, and speed. While today RE Factor has developed a number of training aids (targets, training deck, etc.) these individual developmental drills still push a shooter outside of their standard comfort zone to expose training weaknesses. In the case of all drills, a standard IDPA/USPSA silhouette target will suffice.

Rifle, Multi-Target Acquisition Drill

  • Distance: 1 target at 7 yards, 1 target 10 yards
  • Start Position: Shooter will begin at the low ready, or high port at the 10-yard line.
  • Sequence: On the buzzer, shooter will engage the 7 yard target with 2 rounds, then transition to engage the 10 yard target with 2 rounds.

Grading criteria: All shots must remain within the “A” zone.

  • Novice: 3.5 seconds
  • Intermediate: 2.75 seconds
  • Advanced: 2 seconds

Skills Exercised:

  • Sight picture acquisition
  • Trigger manipulation
  • Target transitions

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