Lead Farm Gun Range

Lead Farm gun range is located at 9083 Whipperwill Rd., Versailles MO 65084 and associated to the storefront Tooth and Nail Armory. The Lead Farm works in close conjunction with Gadsden Shooting Center to host the Mid-West 3-Gun Championship.


Some matches held by Lead Farm are:


  • A 3 gun match is held every 3rd Saturday and will test all your shooting skills, 4 medium difficult stages and 1 very difficult
  • Rifle out to 600 yards
  • Rough round count will be as follows: Rifle: 75, Pistol: 75, Shotgun: 75, Slug: 5
  • Be sure you have a sling for your rifle. We may or may not use one. Be prepared for anything
  • General 3 gun match, with the following divisions: Open, Tactical Optics, Tactical Irons

Run n Gun Series

  • Stage 1: March 30th, see Practiscore event for full details.
  • Stage 2: June 29th, see Practiscore event for full details.
  • Stage 3: December 7th, see Practiscore event for full details.
  • This is a 5K or 10K Biathlon which will require a rifle and pistol. There are 5 stages with a short run between stages. 10K will run and shoot the entire course twice. Competitors will carry everything on their person from start to finish. 10K minimalist will be allowed to resupply before starting the 2nd leg, Trooper will carry everything from start to finish.
  • This is a run-what-you-brung, field-style shooting event, with 5 divisions.5K Minimalist – Carry as much or as little weight as you want. Packs and belts can be removed prior to shooting a course of fire.
  • It will give participants an idea of how being hot/cold, exhausted, and challenged by the environment affects their shooting, and the effectiveness of their gear under difficult conditions. Some open field running, mostly trails in the woods, hills, creek crossings, etc. This event will take place no matter the weather conditions, so come prepared.
  • Pay online when registering for the 5K = $55.00
    10K =$70.00
  • Entry Fee includes: Match T-Shirt and Awards to top 3 in the division (must have 5 entries to make a division viable for awards)


  • Held the second Saturday of each month (except March, September, and November)
  • USPSA, 5 stages, pistol & PCC . Approx. 132 rounds + classifier
  • No setup or tear-down for shooters
  • $25 ($27 for CC), 1st division, $35 to shoot 2 divisions. If you shoot 2 divisions, do a 2nd registration with 2nd division, you will need to pay that one at the match, as PS has no provision for discounts.Pay on line with CC, or cash at the match


Page updated as of 22 January 2022

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